eDiscovery Moving In House To Support Rise in Requests

By Marisa Peacock
CMS Wire

The folks at Clearwell think that a storm is brewing in eDiscovery. A storm so perfect that it brings together increased data volumes, litigation, compliance standards and a growing need to cut costs, forcing companies to face their eDiscovery needs head on.

Like storm chasers who investigate the forces of nature, Clearwell wanted to learn more about the status of the eDiscovery. Enlisting help from the Enterprise Survey Group (ESG), Clearwell surveyed over 100 Fortune 2000 enterprises and government agencies and focused questions around the giant whirwind of activities affecting eDiscovery in the enterprise.

The report, Trends in Electronic Discovery: A Market Perspective, found that companies are facing increases in the number of lawsuits, and regulatory inquiries. Seventy-eight percent of respondents said that they expect the number of lawsuits and regulatory inquiries they experience to increase in 2009 compared to 2008, with nearly half estimating the number to grow by at least 20%.

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