LABJ looks inside Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards’ office

The Los Angeles Business Journal got an inside scoop into the office of Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards. Cloudbreak, a nationwide provider of unified telemedicine services, brings digital platforms into the examining room to allow off-site professionals to facilitate dialogue between patient and care provider. When it comes to his office space, Edwards prefers a homey, vintage feel.

“I love things that have a story,” said Edwards. “I love things that are distressed and time-worn.”

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Silicon Beach Magazine spotlights Washos

Silicon Beach Magazine recently featured Washos in a spread of their latest edition. Daniel Steingold chatted with Bertrand Patriarca, Washos co-founder and CEO, to discuss the origins of Washos, the company’s employment model and plans for the foreseeable future.

“With their fast and convenient service, their easy-to-use interface and competitive pricing, there’s no reason to believe that Washos won’t continue to expand at a blitzing pace,” writed Daniel Steingold.

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EY’s Salt Lake City offices will give you serious office envy

Utah Business recently got a sneak peek into EY’s new Salt Lake City offices. The office is a reflection of the company’s unique culture in providing the proper set-up to help its clients.

“Our people have told me that what they love most about our new EY office in downtown Salt Lake is the open atmosphere and amazing views of downtown and the mountains,” said Shawn Goff, EY Salt Lake City Office Managing Partner.

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socalTECH features Washos’ Bertrand Patriarca

socalTECH’s Ben Kuo recently sat down with Washos CEO and co-founder Bertrand Patriarca to discuss his entrepreneurial ventures, the idea that led him to come up with the concept for Washos and the biggest lesson he’s learned about coming to the United States from France and starting a business.

The biggest lesson has not only been on the business side, but on the cultural side. There is a big, cultural gap between France and the U.S. It took me a lot of time to appreciate the new cultural factors in the U.S.

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Professional Carwashing & Detailing interviews Washos CEO Bertrand Patriarca

Professional Carwashing & Detailing recently sat down with Bertrand Patriarca, co-founder and CEO of Washos, Inc. Patriarca spoke about his early days as a serial entrepreneur, how Washos came to be and where he hopes it’ll go.

“The key in this industry is consistency in service quality and reliability. I could not place enough emphasis on being meticulous, maintaining a very high attention to detail and being punctual . . .  Therefore, the best advice I can give is to make sure you can do each job well and on time, or you’re better off not taking it,” said Patriarca.

Full article: Q&A: The rise of app-based mobile detailing (Professional Carwashing and Detailing)

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TaskUs’ Jaspar Weir talks customer support with the San Diego Union-Tribune

TaskUs CEO Jaspar Weir recently sat down with the San Diego Union-Tribune and spoke about companies’ advancements in their customer support strategies. How mobile and online platforms — be they big or small — connect with consumers can vary widely from company to company, but the key to a satisfying experience, experts agree, is the ease of access.

“To say you’re going to build a product so great no one needs to contact you is not realistic,” said Jasper Weir, co-founder of TaskUs, a Santa Monica-based startup that provides outsourced customer support for a number of high-profile companies, both conventional and on-demand. “But we’re finding that the millennial customer, especially, wants to solve a problem on their own so you see companies investing in self-service because it’s a better customer experience.

Read the full article: Who do you turn to when you’re unhappy with your on demand service? (San Diego Union-Tribune) 

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Small Business Trends spotlights Milk and Eggs and its CEO Kenneth Wu

Even though health is a major trend in the food industry right now, healthy food isn’t always easy to find. That’s the reality that led one entrepreneur in L.A. to start Milk & Eggs. Kenneth Wu recently sat down with Small Business Trends to talk about the rapid shift in the grocery industry and what it means for business and consumers alike.

“While many big box chains have entered the online grocery market, few have made an effort to offer customers food that is being grown/baked in their own communities. Milk and Eggs fills this gap in the market with locally-sourced products at affordable prices,” said Wu.

Read the full article: Spotlight: Milk & Eggs Startup Provides an Online Farmers Market in Los Angeles (Small Business Trends)

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OT-Morpho’s Philip Andreae shares details on keeping the IoT revolution safe

Transaction Trends recently sat down with identity security experts to discuss what is being heralded as the most important technological innovation in history: the Internet of Things. Philip Andreae spoke to the publication about keeping the IoT safe and OT-Morpho’s industry offerings. OT-Morpho supports the idea of embedding cryptography into device hardware—a secure element that already is used in mobile phones and payment cards. The firm is currently providing embedded secure elements to several luxury connected-car manufacturers, including Maserati and BMW.

“When I boil it down, it’s this act of authentication, which we have to secure,” Andreae explains. “We have to do it in a convenient and secure way that cannot be spoofed, that cannot be replicated and used nefariously.”

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Washos App doubles user base in three months, sees steady double-digit growth in Pasadena

Washos, the original auto detailing app in Southern California, has hit a new milestone of 40,000 active clients with a steady monthly growth of 25 percent. This summer, Washos is the top choice for convenient quality auto detailing for more than 385 active repeat clients based in Pasadena.

“We have seen many competitors come to this market and quickly disappear. Others are turning away from the consumer market and shifting to a B2B model,” said Bertrand Patriarca, Washos CEO. “Meanwhile, by staying committed to the people of Washos, both the users and Washos-vetted detailers, we continue to exceed goals and break new records.”

Read the full story: Washos Auto Detailing App Doubles User Base in Three Months, Sees Steady Double-Digit Growth in Pasadena (Pasadena Independent)

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Supermarket News features Milk and Eggs CEO Kenneth Wu

Supermarket News recently sat down with leaders in the grocery industry, including Milk and Eggs’ Kenneth Wu, to talk about maintaining the freshness of products as the grocery industry faces dramatic changes.

“We go to great lengths to ensure food safety and it’s very important both in meats and in perishable vegetables,” said Wu. “A break in the cold chain has dramatic impact on food safety.”

Read the full article: Freshness remains elusive for seafood delivery (Supermarket News)

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