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Year 2018: Every Reputation at Risk

What is the lesson of the radically altered reputations of 2017? It is that bad news travels faster than ever before, and there’s nowhere to hide. For companies and their leaders, the need for preparedness has never been more relevant. For every reputation that crashes, so does a company’s market value. It doesn’t take a major scandal to bring disaster, every business is vulnerable to a misleading sentence in a report, a disgruntled employee or consumer on social media or the malice of competitors. As we enter 2018, take heed and be ready.

The five roads to preparedness:

  1. Reputation Management Plan:Short and actionable, ten pages max with all the team players’ cell numbers and social handles at the ready.
  2. Vulnerability Audit: Assess all risks with the team including litigation, data breaches, misconduct of any executive or employee and political climate.
  3. Team Timekeeper: When reputation is at stake, the pre-assigned crisis team and their backups need to convene immediately. The timekeeper knows when thinking time is up, and it’s time to start talking.
  4. Ready Response: There will be only minutes to respond to Twitter and Facebook crises, and not much more for a reporter on deadline. Find words in advance and clear them with the company attorney.
  5. Event Simulation:Surprise your team to see if you’re prepared to hit the ground running. Make it as real as possible using simulation tools that mimic your social channels. Is your response authentic and in keeping with your brand?

In today’s climate, unexpected blows are to be expected. The good news is that successful crisis response can actually enhance reputations. A leader at the helm prepared to speak with conviction and authenticity is not an accident, and can turn accidents into opportunities.

Best wishes for the new year.

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TaskUs and Cloudbreak Health among Entrepreneur360 honorees

Outsourcing leader TaskUs and telemedicine pioneer Cloudbreak Health have been included in Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur360 2017 List. The list celebrates the best entrepreneurial companies in America, looking at leaders who can expertly balance impact, innovation, growth and leadership to grow their business. TaskUs ranked third while Cloudbreak Health ranked #25.

“Impact and technology are at the core of TaskUs’ mission,” said TaskUs President Jaspar Weir. “We attribute our growth and success to our commitment to employee satisfaction which we believe drives customer satisfaction.”

“Innovation and impact are important values at Cloudbreak and central to our mission of simplifying and humanizing healthcare,” said Jamey Edwards, CEO of Cloudbreak Health. “We are proud to be recognized by Entrepreneur as a leader in our industry and for our part in pioneering the telemedicine movement.”

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Taskus Named to the Top Three “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2017 Entrepreneur360 List (BusinessWire)

Cloudbreak Health Ranked Number 25 On Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2017 Entrepreneur360™ List (PRWeb)


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Travel smarter – now there’s an easier way to enroll in TSA Precheck

In these days of long security lines, the TSA’s PreCheck expedited security-clearance service can be a real time- and aggravation-saver. And now it’s easier than ever to sign up for the program.

In addition to the TSA’s own processing locations, which typically require a trip to the airport, travelers may now enroll in PreCheck at any of the 1,400 IdentoGO mobile processing centers throughout the country.

IdentoGO provides identity-related services to a range of companies and organizations, including professional sports teams like the New York Jets and the San Francisco 49ers, music festivals, government organizations, and so on.

Read the full article: Now There’s an Easier Way to Enroll in TSA PreCheck (Smarter Travel)

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L.A. TechWatch features performance management software Leonardo247

Leonardo247, the performance management software that ensures that best practices are are adhered to throughout your organization. Automating personalized task lists that intelligently integrate protocols, the software makes compliance easy. LA TechWatch chatted with CEO and founder Daniel Cunningham about the company and how you can start implementing best practices sooner.

“Executives can stop sending text messages and emails reminding people of tasks to be completed and there’s no need for countless Excel spreadsheets trying to track inspections or quality control that fail to provide global visibility and cannot be monitored,” said Cunningham. “Everything flows through Leonardo247 and we let our clients know when they have a problem.”

Read the full article: Thanks To This LA Startup, Performance Management Software Has Arrived (LA TechWatch)

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Petrol World highlights new Washos-Hyundai partnership

Washos and Hyundai’s partnership is to provide on-demand car cleaning through its Blue Link connected car package. This will enable subscribers to schedule a wash through the Hyundai companion app, following which a Washos crew will show up and clean the vehicle.

“This proof of concept will allow us to understand the benefits, requirements and challenges of linking to third party providers. Developing an open Blue Link ecosystem creates a myriad of possible business models for the future,” said Manish Mehrotra, director of digital business planning and connected operations for Hyundai Motor America.

Read the full article: Washos Car Wash & Hyundai Teams Up (Petrol World)

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IDEMIA and Royal Caribbean team up for biometric technology trials

A recent trial of the biometric authentication technology that involved multiple cruise ships and nearly 3,000 passengers showed that, according to IDEMIA, facial recognition on cruise ships could one day improve the experience of travelers by reducing the time it takes for those passengers to board and re-enter ships.  IDEMIA provided its “facial capture and recognition solution to confirm the facial identities of individuals disembarking Royal Caribbean ships with the facial identities of ticketed passengers who boarded the ship at the start of a cruise.”

“Royal Caribbean’s commitment to providing our guests a pleasurable experience includes making the final step of clearing customs fast, secure and frictionless,” said Thomas Hinderhofer, a Royal Caribbean official who works as director of Cape Liberty Port Operations. “The trial exceeded our expectations in terms of being able to quickly process passengers re-entering the country while at the same time addressing key border management requirements.”

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WashOS Powers Car Washes For Hyundai’s Blue Link

Los Angeles-based on-demand mobile car wash and detailing service WashOS is making it possible for owners of Hyundai vehicles to easily get car washes–without the owner being present–as part of a “proof of concept” and soon to be pilot service that was recently rolled out for Hyundai’s Blue Link All-Access powered by Smartcar.

According to the companies, the Smartcar/Blue Link infrastructure will provide Washos the ability to locate an owner’s Hyundai and access it without keys or the owner being present so a detailer could quickly clean the car, inside and out and alert the driver of when the job is complete.

Read the full article: WashOS Powers Car Washes For Hyundai’s Blue Link (SoCalTech)



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Cloudbreak Health CEO Jamey Edwards Offers Telehealth Forecasts for 2018

Jamey Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Cloudbreak Health, predicts that 2018 will see significant adoption of telehealth programs.

“Telemedicine is moving through a tipping point from pilot projects to broader adoption,” said Edwards. “While a grant may have allowed a health system to dip their toe in the water, many are now looking to scale investments in telemedicine platforms to enhance patient care, drive more engagement and create a return on investment.”

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Washos is making the gig economy work

NewsOrg’s Dan Blacharski recently sat down with Washos CEO and founder Bertrand Patriarca to talk about the gig economy, platforms where individuals take more control over their career path. The gig economy represents a major shift in how we define a job, and as the power of mobile apps and remote communications continues to gain influence, we can expect it to grow. Already, employment in the gig economy is growing faster than traditional payroll employment, according to the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution.

“While there are of course pros and cons to gig economy employment, many workers are drawn to the flexibility of being able to work during times that suit their own schedule,” said Patriarca.

Read the full article: Making the Gig Economy Work (NewsOrg)

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You Need to Know These Five Business Communications Tips

The transformation of business communications demands a transformation of marketing skills. It’s not just about press releases anymore. We’re pushing our clients to stretch their creativity and embrace multiple channels and visual mediums. Artificial intelligence? Bring it on. AI is already being used by Reuters for quarterly earnings stories. What’s next on the horizon for us and you?

Here are five critical facts to guide your 2018 strategic communications planning:

Online readership accelerates: A survey by the Pew Research Center finds that the percentage of Americans getting their news online has jumped 5 points to 43 percent—nearly the same audience as TV journalism. The trend grows as Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites increase their news coverage.

Traditional media still has muscle: Despite questions about long-term prospects, traditional news outlets remain a trusted source. Big daily newspapers have experienced a surge in digital subscriptions based on their print reputations and standards. The Washington Post surpassed one million digital subscriptions, an approximately 100 percent increase from 2015. The New York Times added 308,000 digital subscriptions in the first quarter of 2017, a more than 15 percent rise, and now has over 2.2 million digital subscribers.

Paid content is growing:  Content has skyrocketed. Facebook users alone exchange an estimated five billion items daily. In this free-for-all, paid content has built-in guarantees of message and placement. According to Tyler Stevens for the University of Southern California’s Relevance Report, “even with a modest budget, brands can use paid media to reach their desired audiences in ways that are more controlled and effective than an organic post ever could.”

Video is surging: Cisco reported that by 2019, video content will make up 80 percent of global Internet consumption. Why? Because it builds engagement. The news site MarketingLand estimates an average 157 percent increase in organic search engine traffic. You don’t need to be Stephen Spielberg to create a great video campaign. As Forbes reported, even “poor quality” video from a phone “devoid of professional lighting and audio, outperforms text and images alone.”

Mobile means power: Ad agency Zenith found that mobile devices will drive 80 percent of global interest in the coming year. A separate survey by the software and services provider Salesforce says that 68 percent of companies use integrated mobile marketing as part of their strategies. This includes Snapchat’s “geofencing” and “beaconing” to target messages more precisely to an audience when they are likely to be most receptive. That can mean the difference between an ad that translates into sales and one that disappears into a void.

Today, we must try new tactics and measure results to determine what works. It’s what we do for our clients daily.

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