LA TechWatch chats with Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards

LA TechWatch recently sat down with Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards to discuss his company’s beginnings, his mission to humanize health care and the future of health care. The leading telemedicine platform provides assistance for non-english speakers, deaf patients, and patients with varying mental impairments for the best care possible. Born from two existing companies, Martii and Carenection, Cloudbreak Health is unifying telemedicine and healthcare solutions.

“The inspiration for the business is to humanize healthcare,” said Edwards.To simplify what is an overwhelmingly complex system by putting technologies and services into market that help build connections between patients and providers instead of getting in the way.”

Read the full article: This LA Startup is Humanizing Healthcare (LA TechWatch)

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San Francisco Chronicle talks with TaskUs’ Bryce Maddock about outsourcing in the Philippines

TaskUs CEO Bryce Maddock spoke with the San Francisco Chronicle about the Philippines and how the island nation is now a hub for outsourcing. Call centers established in the country have led its natives to lead a better life for themselves and their families.

Maddock said he expects that automation will have a big impact on the industry. But he plans equip his employees with the skills to stay employed. For example, employees could be trained to analyze data about trends in customer requests, he said.

Read the full article: Calling the Philippines: Hub for call center jobs sees fast change from tech (San Francisco Chronicle)

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Digital Health Today spotlights Jamey Edwards and humanizing health care

Digital Health Today spoke with Jamey Edwards, the CEO and founder of Cloudbreak, a company delivering telemedicine solutions to hospitals across the U.S. Cloudbreak provides more than one million minutes of telemedicine consultation through over 75,000 encounters each month. Cloudbreak invests heavily in creating engaging experiences through their products, and it is clearly working. Their solutions are being used in over 700 hospitals. Digital Health Today chatted with Edwards about humanizing health care and Cloudbreak’s growth and plans for the future.

“Humanizing healthcare is critical to the future of our healthcare system. If we forget that people are at the center of the system, all the amazing tech and process in the world won’t fix it,” says Edwards.

Hear Jamey’s interview here: Jamey Edwards on Telemedicine and Five Keys for Humanizing Healthcare (Digital Health Today)

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IDEMIA brings IdentoGO, TSA Precheck technology to NFL’s largest stadiums

Some of the NFL’s largest stadiums will be the first to partner with identity-verification company IDEMIA to bring the IdentoGO technology used by TSA to their venues. IDEMIA’s tech will also provide some biometric-based technology that can enable ‘trusted fan’ programs to be deployed at some stadiums.

“Our partnership with the Jets and the 49ers allows us to reach as many as 75,000 fans at each home game, and enroll a high percentage of those people into the proven safe and secure program,” Didier Lamouche, IDEMIA’s CEO, told CNBC.

Read the full story: At NFL games, fliers can get ‘PreChecked’ for airport trips out of town. (CNBC) 


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IdeaMensch features Milk and Eggs’ Kenneth Wu

Kenneth Wu is a serial entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in founding and growing startups into successful business ventures. He’s the founder and chief executive officer of Milk and Eggs where he oversees the company’s vision and growth strategies. IdeaMensch recently sat down with Wu to discuss Milk and Eggs’ beginnings, his inspirations and where this venture is headed. One thing Wu does over and over that he recommends everyone else do?

“Two things actually: 1. Don’t waste time and 2. Be proactive. An ounce of proactiveness is worth a pound of reactiveness.”

Read the full article: Kenneth Wu – CEO of Milk and Eggs (IdeaMensch)

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PaymentsSource discusses IDEMIA’s new partnership with the NY Jets

IDEMIA, formerly OT-Morpho has launched a solution that brings airport security into stadiums. Designed to move fans through a Fast Pass entrance into the stadium and avoid longer security check lines, the technology also lends itself to future biometric technology that the New York Jets could possibly use at point-of-sale terminals through the stadium for payments, according to Charles Carroll, senior vice president of identity and security at IDEMIA.

“It is our mission and responsibility to make our security solutions, like the TSA Pre-check program, available to as many people as possible,” Didier Lamouche, CEO of Idemia, said in a press release.“Our partnership with the Jets allows us to reach as many as 75,000 fans at each home game and enroll a high percentage of those people into the proven safe and secure program,” Lamouche added. “We are thrilled to be working with such a world-class organization.”

Read the full article: TSA Pre-check paves the way for biometric payments at Jets’ MetLife stadium  (PaymentsSource)

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LATechWatch talks L.A. tech scene, growth and expansion with Washos’ Bertrand Patriarca

The Washos app saves you time and money by allowing you to schedule on-demand car washes at your convenience. With already 36,000 active SoCal clients and a growth rate of 25% month to month, Washos is making your life a little easier and your car cleaner, one car wash at a time. It’s also good for the environment by using methods that use 26x less water than traditional car washes.

LA TechWatch chatted with cofounder and CEO Bertrand Patriarca about the company and how it plans to expand to multiple cities.

“Building Washos in Los Angeles has been great and it’s still an amazing journey,” said Patriarca. “We love this city because it’s actually like a combination of a hundred different cities with its many different cultures, neighborhoods and diverse environments. LA is the car paradise, making it a perfect fit for Washos.”

Read the full article: This LA Startup is the On Demand Car Wash That Your Vehicle Needs

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Business News Daily spotlights Washos’ Bertrand Patriarca’s entrepreneurial journey

Bertrand Patriarca brought his family to the U.S. from France for better entrepreneurial opportunities. He landed in Los Angeles, where he founded his on-demand auto detailing app, Washos. Business News Daily caught up with Patriarca to discuss his start in entrepreneurship, where the idea from Washos came from and his plans for the company’s future.

“Building Washos in LA has been a whirlwind journey. We’re incredibly proud to be based in southern California and so pleased with the reception of our community. In the last quarter, we have doubled our user base and continue to see steady double-digit growth at 25 percent month over month. I’d like to leave other immigrants embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey with one piece of advice: Focus on, and embrace, the cultural gap.”

Read the full article: How a French Entrepreneur’s California Dreaming Led to a Conquest of the West Coast (Business News Daily)

L.A. Parent chats with Marlborough’s Priscilla Sands on writing the perfect college essay

A college admission essay can make or break a student’s college application. L.A. Parent gathered a group of experts to discuss what makes the best essay and what every student should know about the process. Among the experts is Priscilla Sands, head of Marlborough School for Girls in L.A.’s Hancock Park.

She says that starting the essay process during junior year helps minimize the stress in the fall. “It also affords students the time to use the summer to reflect on the direction of their essays.”

Read the full article: Writing the Right College Essay (L.A. Parent)

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EY releases Global IPO Trends report for Q3

Global professional services firm EY published its Global IPO Trends report for Q3 2017 today and noted that IPO volume this year has already exceeded totals from 2016, with 1,156 deals raising $127 billion through the first nine months. EY expects final numbers for 2017 to range from 1,600 to 1,700 public offerings and between $190 billion to $200 billion in capital raised.

“The timing for any IPO is dependent on both investors’ appetite for new company stocks, which is driven in part by how well the overall stock market is performing, and by the financial and operational story of the individual company pursuing a public offering,” said Greg Beams, a partner in EY’s Seattle office. “One measure of how hungry investors are for new company stocks is how long it takes a company to go public after they complete the initial filing of their IPO registration documents.”

Read the full article: Global IPO market on pace for best year since 2007; more Washington companies expected to go public (GeekWire)

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