Supermarket News features Milk and Eggs CEO Kenneth Wu

Supermarket News recently sat down with leaders in the grocery industry, including Milk and Eggs’ Kenneth Wu, to talk about maintaining the freshness of products as the grocery industry faces dramatic changes.

“We go to great lengths to ensure food safety and it’s very important both in meats and in perishable vegetables,” said Wu. “A break in the cold chain has dramatic impact on food safety.”

Read the full article: Freshness remains elusive for seafood delivery (Supermarket News)

LA TechWatch features Milk and Eggs’ e-commerce grocery platform

Based in Los Angeles, Milk and Eggs has partnered with local farms and delivers essential locally sourced groceries at free delivery and membership. The company supports local L.A farms and values eco-friendly streamlined operations, avoiding waste and overage. LA TechWatch recently sat down with CEO Kenneth Wu to talk about the company’s growth and its plans for the future.

“Milk and Eggs fills this gap in the market with locally-sourced products at affordable prices,” said Wu. “To maximize efficiency and customer convenience, Milk and Eggs enables customers to set up reoccurring orders to be delivered at their desired frequency, whether monthly, biweekly or somewhere in between.”

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Crain’s Seattle features EY’s Brian Kaemingk in its “If I Knew Then” section

EY’s Brian Kaemingk is part of the Performance Improvement Analytics team, helping Fortune 500 retail and consumer products companies leverage data to optimize customer experience. He spoke to Crain’s Seattle about his recent participation in EY’s Vantage Program, what it taught him and the impact it’s had in his career.

His mistake? “Focusing too much on moving up and keeping up with the Joneses, in terms of my career. After getting my MBA and starting at EY, I was very motivated to climb the ladder. When you go down that path, however, you become very focused on what’s in front of you, and you don’t take a step back to refresh.”

See the full article and Kaemingk’s lesson: “If I Knew Then…”

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Cloudbreak Health Names New EVP of Partnerships

Cloudbreak Health, LLC (“Cloudbreak”), a leader in telemedicine solutions, today named health tech industry veteran, Eric Gombrich, as Executive Vice President of Partnerships. Gombrich has three decades of expertise in the health technology, informatics and biotech industries.

“Cloudbreak has all the essential elements to be a breakout company in healthcare through uniquely valuable solutions in telemedicine. Its mission aligns with the passion I’ve devoted my career towards — creating a healthcare system where consumers of care and frontline clinicians are empowered to work more collaboratively and efficiently to improve healthcare outcomes,” said Gombrich.

Read the full announcement: Cloudbreak Health Makes Strategic Executive Hire with New EVP of Partnerships

5 Ways to Nail Your LinkedIn Long-Form Post | eNews from OWC

LinkedIn long-form posts are an important tool for positioning yourself as an industry thought leader.  Sometimes called the “Wall Street Journal” of social media, LinkedIn can be highly influential.  Using the platform to its full advantage has been shown to boost visibility on search engines by more than 25 percent including bumping up your Google PageRank.  Other reasons to take LinkedIn seriously:

  • 500 million users
  • 10 million active job posts
  • Data on more than 9 million companies
  • Among largest search engines with 5 billion annual searches
  • 71 percent of professionals cite LinkedIn as a credible source for professional content
  • Niche channels to target – Ex. LinkedIn Technology Channel has 21 million followers
  • Opportunity to be shared on LinkedIn’s own channel: editors monitor the 150,000 weekly posts to spotlight the best on one of their channels

Download PDF version of this issue: 5 Ways to Nail Your LinkedIn Long-Form Post

Building on the ideas for establishing an industry thought leader in our January 2017 newsletter, we offer the following tips to maximize the value of your LinkedIn posts.

  1. Look for hot topics: Tap into big issues, trends or regulations affecting your industry. Address the industry’s pain points and lead the conversation.  Get ideas from industry trade publications and what other leaders and influencers post.  Scroll through social media and search for keywords and popular hashtags.  Brainstorm what fresh perspective you can bring to the table.  If you’re stuck, check out this list of the most memorable articles of last year, put together by Caroline Fairchild, senior news editor at LinkedIn.
  2. Keep it concise: Writing short is the hardest thing to do, but LinkedIn Editor-in-Chief Daniel Roth says 800 to 2,000-word articles are “a sweet spot for engagement.”  The ideal LinkedIn post is crisp, concise and shareable.  Articles that are broken down in numbers or list form perform better, such as Richard Branson’s first LinkedIn post from 2012, “Five top tips to starting a successful business.”  Of course his name sells but your expertise can too.
  3. Craft a provocative headline: Of all the elements of a good post, an impossible-to-ignore headline has six to eight words and teases the article.  Using numbers like “Five tips…” or “how-to” style headlines let the reader know it will be a quick and easy read.  Once you have your post drafted, re-read it.  Try several possible headlines and select the one that best suits the post.  Vary headlines when promoting across other platforms to test which your readers prefer.  Invest the time to create a great headline.
  4. Increase engagement 90 percent with a photo: As LinkedIn contributor Joshua Miller cites this fact in his piece on how to find the best images for LinkedIn, “the ability of visual stimuli to communicate and influence is undeniable and inescapable.”  A powerful header image will lead to more clicks on the actual article.
  5. Share: Success is in engagement: clicks, likes, shares and comments.  That’s the goal when being “social.”  Cross-promote your posts on other social media channels and make sure there are links on your website and in the company newsletter.  Go through the comments and see how other people react to your article.  Be open to feedback – there may be tips that will improve your next article.  For a better chance to have your post featured in one of LinkedIn’s channels, share it on Twitter and tag @LinkedInEditors.

LinkedIn articles can take your thought leadership to millions of people, and you can do it from your desk.  Your LinkedIn commentaries can be re-purposed for speaking, webinars and bylines in industry trades.  Start posting.

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TaskUs and Cloudbreak sit down with Built in LA to share what they like most about Los Angeles

Local tech companies like TaskUs and Cloudbreak Health know that Southern California has a lot to offer. It’s not just beaches and great weather, but the chance to elevate your business and succeed in the region’s growing tech industry.

“The biggest advantages to our LA location come from being a part of the community West of the 405, in Silicon Beach,” said Bryce Maddock, CEO of TaskUs. “In Santa Monica, we are surrounded by a great pool of talent and technology, the community is incredibly energetic and diverse. And, of course, the weather is beautiful.”

“California and LA culture has definitely become a core part of Cloudbreak’s company culture,” said Jamey Edwards, CEO of Cloudbreak Health. “The company is named after a surf break, after all. The key aspects of LA — its creativity, free thinking and progressive culture — have helped to create a fun company driven by a mission.”

Read the full article: We love LA: How these companies pitch LA to techies (Built in LA)

TaskUs team.


Cloudbreak team.

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HOY highlights BankWork$’ influence in Los Angeles’ Latino community

A few weeks ago, Judy Olivares, a resident of South Los Angeles, worked at Home Depot with dreams of becoming a general manager of a bank. After searching online, she found BankWork$, a free training programs that sets low-income young adults into careers in the banking industry. Two months after she enrolled, she just graduated and has three job offers from local banks.

“I’d start off as a teller, now I know that I can work my way up to a general manager position, something that’s my passion and that I’ve always dreamed about,” said Olivares. “It’s nice to have job options already as opposed to searching for them.”

Read the full article (in Spanish): Organización brinda entrenamiento gratis a personas que aspiran a la industria bancaria en L.A. (Hoy Los Angeles)


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Crain’s LA spotlights EOY Greater Los Angeles finalists and their Venice experience

Two EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Greater Los Angeles finalist companies, inMarket and StackCommerce, sat down with Crain’s to share their unique experiences establishing headquarters in the eclectic and diverse LA neighborhood known as “Silicon Beach.” In 2011, Venice was known more for skateboards than startups and Snapchat. But, that year, Google leased 100,000 square feet of space in Venice to relocate from Santa Monica. Dollar Shave Club would soon begin shipping razors from a Venice garage.

“Venice brought us The Doors in the ’60s, and in the early 1900s Venice was like Disneyland. It’s always been a place for new things, entrepreneurs who are pushing forward, rulebreakers rather than rule followers,” said Todd Dipaola, CEO of inMarket. “That’s always attracted me to Venice.”

Read the full article: Venice’s laid-back vibes still draw startups to the beach (Crain’s LA)

Todd Dipaola, CEO of inMarket.

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KTLA spotlights study out of USC Marshall on photography and memory

Researchers from leading universities, including the University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School, have released a study that says that people who take incessant pictures are able to remember events better than those who do not. Researchers conducted a study in which they gathered individuals and asked them to take a tour of a museum, half of them with cameras and half of them without cameras, but with an audio guide to help them out.

“The people who take a lot of photos focus on the visual aspect,” said Dr. Kristin Diehl, associate professor of marketing at USC Marshall School of Business. “This visual memory is helped by taking photos.”

See the full interview below.

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Becker’s Hospital Review features Cloudbreak’s Jamey Edwards take on the hospital of the future

Cloudbreak CEO Jamey Edwards and other healthcare leaders, shared with Becker’s Hospital Review the key trends disrupting the traditional hospital, how institutions can prepare for the future and what the hospital of tomorrow will look like.

“The hospital of the future will be smaller and more connected,” said Edwards. “In fact, the definition of a hospital may change entirely as health systems’ care networks are extending far beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar walls into the workplace, home or wherever the patient may be.”

Read the full article: 45 hospital and healthcare executives outline the hospital of the future (Becker’s Hospital Review)

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