Multi-Housing News features Leonardo247 among four emerging multifamily products

More than 100 exhibitors gathered at the National Multifamily Housing Council’s OpTech show in Las Vegas to showcase the latest in today’s multifamily technology, including Leonardo 247. The Leonardo247 performance management software combines a company’s policies and procedures with a database of best practices, in order to create a central source for property managers to take care of everyday important tasks that might get swept under the rug.

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TechRepublic features Linius Technologies among six groundbreaking video technologies

Video, whether it is used for conferencing or content creation, is seeing increased enterprise adoption, and for good reason. Videos, especially longer ones, can be packaged in tricky formats that can be difficult to share and use. Linius’ Video Virtualization Engine changes those packages into more agile files that can be then used for custom content.

Linius can also reduce, if not eliminate, loss due to piracy, according to CEO Chris Richardson. If someone tries to access the content without proper credentials, they’ll see a prompt asking them to pay for the content—potentially leading to more revenue.

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IdeaMensch sits down with Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards

IdeaMensch recently caught up with Jamey Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Cloudbreak Health, LLC, a leading telemedicine company currently performing over 75,000 encounters per month in over 700 hospitals nationwide. Cloudbreak’s mission is to humanize healthcare by leveraging technology to build trusted communication and relationships between patients and providers.

“Our company is growing rapidly so there is no typical day which creates the biggest challenge. We try not to take a factory approach to how we treat our clients and partners. Instead, we strive to understand their unique needs and demands,” said Edwards

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TaskUs is among LABJ’s Fastest Growing Private Companies

TaskUs, the leader in customer experience outsourcing for fast-growing internet companies from global contact centers, ranks #9 in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the Los Angeles county area.

See the full ranking here.

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512Tech talks with TaskUs President Jaspar Weir on why the company runs their San Antonio and other company offices from Austin

512Tech sat down with TaskUs’ Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir to talk about their operations and their choice to handle them from Austin. So why hire in San Antonio, but lead from Austin?

“A lot of our clients wanted us to have a domestic option for a while. We took the philosophy of what made us successful overseas and brought that to a domestic setting,” said Weir. “It’s been a phenomenal experience so far. Bryce and I moved here to Austin to be part of that, to be closer to the operation and also because we love Austin.”

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The Five Things You Need To Know Before You Tweet | eNews from OWC

Twitter breaks news and shapes opinion. CEOs must decide whether to use the platform or not.

Should you jump in? Our recommendation: yes.

The social media platform has more than 330 million users, a massive audience for boosting brand awareness. A 2016 Fortune survey found that more Fortune 500 CEOs use Twitter than any other social media platform.

But Twitter also presents potentially treacherous terrain. A loosely worded or misinterpreted tweet can stir public reaction the wrong way. This may deter corporate leaders from participating.

As long as a CEO uses sound judgement about content and wording, the benefits outweigh the potential downside. Smart, savvy, timely tweets can shape issues and underscore a leader’s position as an influential thinker. That can also reflect positively on an organization.

A 2016 survey by the consultancy BrandFog, which studies social media trends, found that more than nine in 10 employees said that CEOs who participate in social media build closer ties to employees, investors and consumers. Three in four respondents said C-suite social media engagement makes a brand more trustworthy.

CEOs considering Twitter should consider these five questions:

  1. Who am I trying to reach and what’s my strategy? Decide what you want to accomplish. Will you use Twitter to respond to issues and inquiries and create a dialogue or are you looking to address employees?
  2. How do I find my audience? Use hashtags to pinpoint relevant dialogues and follow those involved. Find beat reporters covering your industry. Consider sharing your Twitter handle in your email signature and on content you create.
  3. What do I say? Twitter is not the platform for frequently pitching your business or product, nor for stiff, corporate speak. You are trying to engage in meaningful conversations and be relatable. Warren Buffet uses Twitter to promote Berkshire Hathaway events and to further worthy causes; HP’s Meg Whitman has addressed industry chatter, like the rumor that she would become the next Uber CEO; Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards communicates with other healthcare innovators, policy makers and industry leaders.
  4. How often do I post? Some of the most influential CEOs post only 50 times a year yet have amassed a significant following. Others post more to great impact. We recommend easing into the Twitter-sphere. In the beginning, skim twice a day for 15 minutes. Later on, you can increase your activity. Target relevant topics and join conversations pertinent to your industry.
  5. Do I have to do it all myself? Select a second in command to help you monitor conversations and track engagement. Just ensure all tweets reflect your thoughts and voice.

Twitter is interactive, not one-directional. Proper etiquette includes retweeting, commenting, thanking and engaging other users. It means responding to comments in which you are tagged and messaging directly. It also requires diplomacy when you disagree with someone else’s tweets. The best advice is to think before you tweet.

What are some of your favorite Twitter tricks? Let us know at @OWCPR.

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Milk and Eggs featured on Rick Wartzman’s The Bottom Line

Reporter Ernest Savage sat down with Milk and Eggs’ founder CEO Kenneth Wu to talk about its mission to bring high-quality, healthy foods to food deserts.

“[The difference between Milk and Eggs and its competitors is] Our produce is fresh. The product that we deliver to you, 24 hours ago, was on a tree or in the ground or in a vine,” said Wu.

Listen below: (24:44)


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Olmstead Williams Communcations joins IPREX Platform

Olmstead Williams Communications has become a partner in IPREX, the $380 million network of communication agencies with 1,600 staff and 110 offices worldwide.

“It’s an honor to be named an IPREX partner.” said Tracy Olmstead Williams.  “We look forward to a powerful collaboration where together we’ll bring best practices and entrepreneurial talent to build reputations and brands, manage crisis, ignite ideas and change behaviors for a global client roster.”


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Food Dive features Milk and Eggs as e-grocery startups rise

Food Dive recently highlighted the rise in popularity of e-grocery startups in today’s retail market, including Los Angeles-based Milk and Eggs. With fresh, local products popular with consumers, companies such as Milk and Eggs are partnering with local growers and manufacturers to offer farm-fresh milk, eggs and grocery products.

Los Angeles based Milk and Eggs sells fresh produce sourced directly from area farms along with an assortment of specialty goods that range in price from value to gourmet. Eggs, for instance, can be purchased for as little as $0.99 per dozen or as much as $6.99 for Vital Farms’ “pasture raised alfresco” eggs.

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LA TechWatch chats with Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards

LA TechWatch recently sat down with Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards to discuss his company’s beginnings, his mission to humanize health care and the future of health care. The leading telemedicine platform provides assistance for non-english speakers, deaf patients, and patients with varying mental impairments for the best care possible. Born from two existing companies, Martii and Carenection, Cloudbreak Health is unifying telemedicine and healthcare solutions.

“The inspiration for the business is to humanize healthcare,” said Edwards.To simplify what is an overwhelmingly complex system by putting technologies and services into market that help build connections between patients and providers instead of getting in the way.”

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