Petrol World highlights new Washos-Hyundai partnership

Washos and Hyundai’s partnership is to provide on-demand car cleaning through its Blue Link connected car package. This will enable subscribers to schedule a wash through the Hyundai companion app, following which a Washos crew will show up and clean the vehicle.

“This proof of concept will allow us to understand the benefits, requirements and challenges of linking to third party providers. Developing an open Blue Link ecosystem creates a myriad of possible business models for the future,” said Manish Mehrotra, director of digital business planning and connected operations for Hyundai Motor America.

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Washos is making the gig economy work

NewsOrg’s Dan Blacharski recently sat down with Washos CEO and founder Bertrand Patriarca to talk about the gig economy, platforms where individuals take more control over their career path. The gig economy represents a major shift in how we define a job, and as the power of mobile apps and remote communications continues to gain influence, we can expect it to grow. Already, employment in the gig economy is growing faster than traditional payroll employment, according to the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution.

“While there are of course pros and cons to gig economy employment, many workers are drawn to the flexibility of being able to work during times that suit their own schedule,” said Patriarca.

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Business News Daily spotlights Washos’ Bertrand Patriarca’s entrepreneurial journey

Bertrand Patriarca brought his family to the U.S. from France for better entrepreneurial opportunities. He landed in Los Angeles, where he founded his on-demand auto detailing app, Washos. Business News Daily caught up with Patriarca to discuss his start in entrepreneurship, where the idea from Washos came from and his plans for the company’s future.

“Building Washos in LA has been a whirlwind journey. We’re incredibly proud to be based in southern California and so pleased with the reception of our community. In the last quarter, we have doubled our user base and continue to see steady double-digit growth at 25 percent month over month. I’d like to leave other immigrants embarking on their own entrepreneurial journey with one piece of advice: Focus on, and embrace, the cultural gap.”

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Washos App doubles user base in three months, sees steady double-digit growth in Pasadena

Washos, the original auto detailing app in Southern California, has hit a new milestone of 40,000 active clients with a steady monthly growth of 25 percent. This summer, Washos is the top choice for convenient quality auto detailing for more than 385 active repeat clients based in Pasadena.

“We have seen many competitors come to this market and quickly disappear. Others are turning away from the consumer market and shifting to a B2B model,” said Bertrand Patriarca, Washos CEO. “Meanwhile, by staying committed to the people of Washos, both the users and Washos-vetted detailers, we continue to exceed goals and break new records.”

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