Washos is making the gig economy work

NewsOrg’s Dan Blacharski recently sat down with Washos CEO and founder Bertrand Patriarca to talk about the gig economy, platforms where individuals take more control over their career path. The gig economy represents a major shift in how we define a job, and as the power of mobile apps and remote communications continues to gain influence, we can expect it to grow. Already, employment in the gig economy is growing faster than traditional payroll employment, according to the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution.

“While there are of course pros and cons to gig economy employment, many workers are drawn to the flexibility of being able to work during times that suit their own schedule,” said Patriarca.

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LATechWatch talks L.A. tech scene, growth and expansion with Washos’ Bertrand Patriarca

The Washos app saves you time and money by allowing you to schedule on-demand car washes at your convenience. With already 36,000 active SoCal clients and a growth rate of 25% month to month, Washos is making your life a little easier and your car cleaner, one car wash at a time. It’s also good for the environment by using methods that use 26x less water than traditional car washes.

LA TechWatch chatted with cofounder and CEO Bertrand Patriarca about the company and how it plans to expand to multiple cities.

“Building Washos in Los Angeles has been great and it’s still an amazing journey,” said Patriarca. “We love this city because it’s actually like a combination of a hundred different cities with its many different cultures, neighborhoods and diverse environments. LA is the car paradise, making it a perfect fit for Washos.”

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Washos’ Bertrand Patriarca reveals what drew him to the LA tech scene

On November 2014, Bertrand Patriarca arrived from Paris after having sold his previous company in Paris. He says Los Angeles was the obvious choice for his new project, Washos, but also for a new life with his wife and newborn son. The company hit the ground running, and in the past few months, the team has expanded the operations of the on-demand car detailing service to new markets,

“Los Angeles is not a single city — it’s a conglomerate of dozens of neighborhoods, each with its own lifestyle, spirit and influence. LA is a place where you can meet the world and discover the richness of hundreds of different cultures. Don’t be afraid of distance, because LA is a constant journey,” says Patriarca.

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