Brentwood's Barnum among top private equity investors

Bill Barnum

Bill Barnum

Bill Barnum, partner and co-founder of Brentwood Associates, has been named one of the most influential private equity investors in the April 7, 2014 issue of the Los Angeles Business Journal.

“He has made a science of spotting lesser known consumer concepts with staying power and turning them into more profitable power house brands, increasing demand with fine-tuned marketing and broader distribution,” states the special report.

Barnum, who has been with the firm for 29 years, began the company’s private equity practice in 1984. He serves as Director of Lazy Dog, K-Mac Holdings, Sundance Holding Company, Veggie Grill and Zoës Kitchen.

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Most influential private equity investors in L.A. County

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Brentwood makes science of creating powerhouse brands

brentwood-coverLos Angeles-based private equity firm Brentwood Associates has made a science of spotting lesser-known consumer concepts with staying power and turning them into more profitable powerhouse brands, increasing demand with fine-tuned marketing and broader distribution, as reported in “Bold Vision,” the cover story for January’s Middle Market Growth magazine.

The portfolio companies held for more than a year in Brentwood’s fourth fund have averaged 127 percent growth since the firm acquired them.

“The founders (of the portfolio companies) come up with unbelievably cool ideas and they execute the heck out of them, grow the business, and develop a relationship with their customers that is just really unique,” says Bill Barnum, managing partner and co-founder of Brentwood. “But most of them aren’t professional managers. They’re entrepreneurs.”

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Private equity fundraising falters in Q3

Private equity fundraising lost some of its sparkle in the third quarter, according to Buyouts editor Greg Roth. U.S. pension funds, endowments and other limited partners all have began to pull back in the wake of renewed market upheaval and the possibility of a double-dip recession. What this means, according to private equity executives and placement agents, is the likelihood of intensifying competition for a shrinking pool of money.

That could ultimately lead, they say, to a bitter reckoning for a growing number of firms as the money that these firms hoped to raise simply isn’t there. If the trend holds, greater competition for less money could also foreshadow cuts in revenue and employment at private equity firms, and further tilt the balance of power between LPs and general partners—as far as terms and fees—more squarely in favor of LPs. Despite the third quarter slump, the fundraising market this year still has a solid chance of surpassing the depressed amounts raised in 2009 and 2010. Indeed, by recent historical standards, current fundraising levels are a mere fraction of what they were prior to the financial crisis.

“I get the feeling that investors are getting a lot more careful,” said Bill Barnum, a partner at Brentwood Associates, a middle-market buyout shop in Los Angeles that anticipates raising its next fund within a year. “And it’s probably going to be even worse in the fourth quarter. A lot of LPs are out of money by the end of the summer. In the end, that probably makes fund sizes a little smaller and the fundraising process a little longer. And at the margin, it will probably squeeze some people out as well,” he said.

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Private equity fundraising reaches post-crisis high

Second quarter private equity fundraising in the United States had its strongest period since the third quarter of 2008. Totals so far this year have been so strong that if year-to-date figures were to continue into the second half, they would lift the industry to its first $100 billion-plus year since the golden era between 2005 and 2008, reports Buyouts magazine.

“[Pensions] are back in the market, and more aggressive than they have been,” Bill Barnum, partner at Los Angeles-based Brentwood Associates, says in the article. “There are a lot of exits by GPs right now, and these distributions are creating a virtuous cycle, giving investors the ability to reallocate capital.”

Brentwood Associates is looking to start raising its fifth fund later this year.

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