Cleantech startup FlexEnergy Inc quadruples size of headquarters as company grows

The Flex Powerstation was first successfully installed in 2010 at the Lamb Canyon landfill in Riverside, Ca.

Due to the rapid expansion of Irvine-based FlexEnergy Inc, the company recently moved its headquarters to a location four times larger, the Orange County Business Journal reports.

The additional space will accommodate new hires, corporate executives, and the company’s growing sales, marketing, research and development divisions. FlexEnergy Inc currently employs approximately 120 people and is expected to grow to 150 employees by the end of the year, Mike Levin, the company’s director of government affairs told the business journal.

FlexEnergy Inc, the developer of the world’s cleanest power platforms, recently acquired the energy systems division of Ingersoll Rand Co. in New Hampshire. The company also is expanding overseas, with pending deals in France and South Korea.

U.S. Military Transforms Landfill Gas into Renewable Energy

By Tina Casey
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America has found an unlikely leader into a sustainable new future, and that’s the U.S. military. From solar power to wind turbines, high efficiency LED lighting and even geothermal installations, the Department of Defense has been pulling out of fossil fuels and getting into clean energy and conservation. The latest foray is being lead by Fort Benning, Georgia, which is about to install two new power stations that will convert the facility’s landfill gas to electricity… come to think of it, perhaps this kind of leadership makes perfect sense, after all.

FlexEnergy and Landfill Gas

Fort Benning will be working with a company called FlexEnergy, which has developed a technology it calls Powerstation. While landfill gas-to-renewables installations are becoming quite common, FlexEnergy’s system has apparently unique capabilities for harvesting even very weak, previously unusable gases. The Powerstation is also a plug-and-play modular system that has the potential for being delivered to far-flung locations at a cost effective price within a relatively short time. As with the military’s development of geothermal energy and other renewables, the idea is to get our defense facilities into a more flexible, off-grid energy independent status (modular, shippable solar arrays for military bases are another example).

ARPA-E and Transformative Energy

The Powerstation is going to be showcased at this week’s ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit. ARPA-E (Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy) is the federal agency charged with developing transformative energy projects that will help the U.S. shed itself of fossil fuel harvesting. And not a moment too soon! In the latest fossil fuel disaster to emerge, the devastating and costly consequences of unregulated natural gas drilling are just about to hit the fan (though to be fair, EPA under President Obama has been trying to clean up the mess left behind by the previous administration). That’s on top of a string of recent high profile fossil fuel disasters including the Tennessee coal ash spill, the Massey coal mine disaster, the Gulf oil spill, and of course mountaintop coal mining.

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