ProVisors’ Matt Toledo on building the best relationships

As Matt Toledo writes for Forbes, one of the surprising truths in the professional services world is that the more you give and help others, the more you reap the benefits.

“The rule of reciprocity goes into effect, and you start leveraging the power of relationships. The cultivation of long-term, deep relationships with people you can trust when referral opportunities arise can create something meaningful professionally and personally.”

According to Toledo, there are three simple ways you can be generous to those around you, while also reaping the benefits of these relationships for your business.

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TaskUs’ Jaspar Weir shares his tips for building a business

Treating employees and customers to the highest standards is key to a company’s success. At TaskUs, this is foundational, according to Jaspar Weir, co-founder and president of TaskUs. He’s taken inspiration from four successful companies to showcase important and effective ways to keep employees, and consequently, customers happy.

“At TaskUs, we work hard to provide work-life balance through benefits that mean something such as flexible work hours, unlimited PTO, work-from-home Fridays and committees that plan activities and events that align with employee interests,” writes Jaspar Weir, co-founder and president of TaskUs. “Make sure that, as hard as your employees work, they can still find time to enjoy other parts of their lives.”

Read the full article: It Starts With The Employee: Four Tips For Building Your Business (link to article)

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You Need to Know These Five Business Communications Tips

The transformation of business communications demands a transformation of marketing skills. It’s not just about press releases anymore. We’re pushing our clients to stretch their creativity and embrace multiple channels and visual mediums. Artificial intelligence? Bring it on. AI is already being used by Reuters for quarterly earnings stories. What’s next on the horizon for us and you?

Here are five critical facts to guide your 2018 strategic communications planning:

Online readership accelerates: A survey by the Pew Research Center finds that the percentage of Americans getting their news online has jumped 5 points to 43 percent—nearly the same audience as TV journalism. The trend grows as Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites increase their news coverage.

Traditional media still has muscle: Despite questions about long-term prospects, traditional news outlets remain a trusted source. Big daily newspapers have experienced a surge in digital subscriptions based on their print reputations and standards. The Washington Post surpassed one million digital subscriptions, an approximately 100 percent increase from 2015. The New York Times added 308,000 digital subscriptions in the first quarter of 2017, a more than 15 percent rise, and now has over 2.2 million digital subscribers.

Paid content is growing:  Content has skyrocketed. Facebook users alone exchange an estimated five billion items daily. In this free-for-all, paid content has built-in guarantees of message and placement. According to Tyler Stevens for the University of Southern California’s Relevance Report, “even with a modest budget, brands can use paid media to reach their desired audiences in ways that are more controlled and effective than an organic post ever could.”

Video is surging: Cisco reported that by 2019, video content will make up 80 percent of global Internet consumption. Why? Because it builds engagement. The news site MarketingLand estimates an average 157 percent increase in organic search engine traffic. You don’t need to be Stephen Spielberg to create a great video campaign. As Forbes reported, even “poor quality” video from a phone “devoid of professional lighting and audio, outperforms text and images alone.”

Mobile means power: Ad agency Zenith found that mobile devices will drive 80 percent of global interest in the coming year. A separate survey by the software and services provider Salesforce says that 68 percent of companies use integrated mobile marketing as part of their strategies. This includes Snapchat’s “geofencing” and “beaconing” to target messages more precisely to an audience when they are likely to be most receptive. That can mean the difference between an ad that translates into sales and one that disappears into a void.

Today, we must try new tactics and measure results to determine what works. It’s what we do for our clients daily.

Business Awards + Your Great Work = Branding

Awards generate awareness, excitement and stories in the media. Pictured, OWC won two PRisms from the Public Relations Society of America this past week for its work with Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young LLP ("Ongoing Product or Service Program") and FlexEnergy Inc. ("Green/Sustainable Programs").

Fortune Magazine just released its “40 Under 40” issue, and while everyone already knows Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, did you know Mon Mourshed, age 39, of McKinsey? Well, we do now. She made the list because she heads the firm’s Middle East office. Awards are nice, but the real reward is recognition for your brand. Awards generate awareness, excitement and stories in the media.

Soon it will be time to submit nominations for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards which span more than 140 cities in 50 countries representing more than 90 percent of the global economy. There are other awards for top lawyers, leading companies in sustainability, best places to work, top innovators and so many more.

Companies and individuals often apply for these awards themselves, sometimes others nominate them, some even require voting from colleagues outside your organization. Regardless how each program works, it’s important to put these opportunities on your radar screen. You can’t get upset when a competitor gets an award if you didn’t even apply.

As a part of your marketing mix, look for awards, honors and lists that are respected within your industry and get to work. The applications take time, thought and often require back-up materials and measurements. It’s work, but your work is worth showcasing to your customers, clients, prospects and perhaps most importantly, your team. After all, it’s your team that got you there.