ProVisors’ Matt Toledo on the four steps to making your brand personal

In today’s world, the perception of a personal brand can change at the speed of a tweet. Just ask your favorite TV personality, provocative politician or ranting lawyer after they’ve gone viral. According to ProVisors CEO Matt Toledo, it is not only important to create a personal brand but also to maintain and protect it throughout your life. Your brand is the sum total of who you are, the value you offer and how you are seen. It embodies your business and also your values.

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Linius Technologies’ Chris Richardson on the next revolution in global eLearning

In today’s always-on world, the value of knowledge has increased and the way we get it has changed, says Linius Technologies CEO Chris Richardson.

eLearning — the direct access of information by technology — is one of the most vibrant and promising new businesses on the global market, one poised to reach approximately $331 billion by 2025. A new era is dawning for eLearning with the power of video virtualization and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, enabling it to be the most compelling new way to improve our minds, lives and society.

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Lido Advisors’ Greg Kushner’s field guide for managing fear in a volatile market

According to Lido Advisors’ Greg Kushner, we are all worried about managing risk in our portfolios, and it’s not just a baseless concern.

“This year we have seen more volatility than we have since the financial crisis,” he says. “Just look at the soaring CBOE Volatility Index (VIX, aka the fear index). Even more concerning is that this volatility may continue, making potential investors queasy about their participation in the equity markets.”

Lido Advisors thinks investment advice should go beyond just wealth management and into a bit of life coaching. “The first thing I do is sit down with a client and drill down into their current situation.”

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ProVisors’ Matt Toledo lists five questions to spark a business connection

One of the best ways to grow a business is to expand your network and broaden your influence in the business community. You need to meet new people, reach potential customers and find opportunities to connect with like-minded people. There are many ways to do that at trade shows, conferences, and networking events and through business relationships. But how do you maximize business discussions to ensure you get noticed and identify potential partners?

ProVisors’ mission is to build relationships and to understand what works. Conversations naturally start off with the exchange of pleasantries and understanding the business and the role of each person. But then the conversation needs to get interesting, and you need to look smart. ProVisors’ Matt Toledo gives his top five questions to help you get noticed, find the right connection and grow your business.

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