Report shows top languages in U.S. after Spanish

Arabic, Mandarin and Vietnamese were the top spoken languages in the United States after Spanish between the first quarter of 2011 and the first quarter of 2012, reports

The article, which pulled data from Language Line Services’ quarterly Interpreter Demand Index, stated that businesses, local governments, court systems, emergency services and health care agencies are increasingly relying on over-the-phone interpretation services companies such as Language Line Services to help them connect with their customers.

The trend is also reflected in local schools, where more and more nontraditional languages are being offered to students.

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Demand for interpretations grows exponentially

More than 200 languages are spoken in Southern California, and the demand for companies that offer over-the-phone interpretations is growing exponentially, reports the Los Angeles Times. Language Line Services, a Monterey, Calif.-based company with annual revenue of $300 million, is the global industry leader and the company that banks, hospitals and other industries rely on to help communicate with their customers.

According to the article, demand has surged partly due to growth of U.S. immigration over the last few decades and the recent boom in international business transactions. Language Line Services currently offers interpretation services in 170 languages and is looking to grow the company by 2,000 translators in the coming year.

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Language Line Services plans to hire 2,000 interpreters

Language Line Services, the nation’s leading over-the-phone interpretation company, plans to hire 2,000 new interpreters this year, reports the San Francisco Business Times

The Monterey, Calif.-based company says about 10 percent of the new hires will be in the greater Bay Area. Among them, 1,300 will be Spanish-speaking interpreters, along with 700 others who are fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Cantonese. Most of the new workers will work from home.

“It’s a great career opportunity,” said Louis F. Provenzano Jr., president and CEO of Language Line Services.

Multicultural opportunities in marketing on the rise

Louis F. Provenzano Jr. is CEO of Language Line Services.

An op-ed in today’s issue of Bulldog Reporter’s Daily ‘Dog by Louis F. Provenzano Jr., CEO of Language Line Services, discusses the multicultural opportunities emerging in the United States thanks to an increasingly linguistically diverse country. Studies show that ethnic groups are four times more likely to purchase a product when presented with buying opportunities in their own language.

Provenzano states there are roughly 200 languages — and up to 800 dialects — spoken in the United States, but no marketing or advertising companies are currently targeting all of them. In a time when many companies are looking internationally to boost their revenue streams, Provenzano suggests that companies look at the tremendous business and marketing opportunities in their own backyards.