Lola Getts fires back: '67 percent of American women are size 14 or bigger'

lola getts logoThe Lululemon Athletica controversy has created an opportunity for Lola Getts — the plus-size yoga pants and sports apparel designer and manufacturer in Los Angeles — to speak up for its target customers.

“We’re designed for that plus-size customer who deserves to have fashionable clothes like anyone else,” said Lola Getts co-founder Jodi Geiger in an interview with the Los Angeles Business Journal. “Sixty seven percent of American women are size 14 or bigger.”

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OWC honored on list of top PR firms in Los Angeles

The team at Olmstead Williams Communications

Olmstead Williams Communications has been honored by the Los Angeles Business Journal for the third straight year as one of the 25 largest independent PR agencies in L.A. County. The agency earned the No. 18 spot on the list, which ranked agencies by their 2011 county fee income.

“We’re thankful to be recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal for doing what we enjoy,” said Tracy Olmstead Williams, CEO of Olmstead Williams Communications, which she founded in 2008 after more than 25 years as a top public relations and crisis communications expert.

Ortho Mattress CEO discusses bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. from China

Ortho Mattress Inc. CEO Ken Karmin discusses his business philosophy and successes in this week’s Los Angeles Business Journal. He talks about the long process it took to turn around Ortho after acquiring it in 1999, including a major advertising push. It meant distinguishing the company against competitors like Sit ‘n Sleep by focusing on their own brand beds, as opposed to selling third-party mattresses.

Karmin decided to bring manufacturing back to the United States from China and take it in-house a few years ago.

“We discovered it was hard to break into the manufacturing business here,” he says in the article. “It’s an oligopoly. There were very few domestic suppliers and they were tied up with other manufacturers, so we had to go overseas for mattress springs and other parts. It wasn’t until 2007, when the housing slowdown started to affect us, that we purchased our own equipment that allowed us to make all the component parts in-house.”

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Veggie Grill raises $11 million for expansion after partnering with Brentwood Associates

Santa Monica-based Veggie Grill announced that it successfully completed a third round of equity funding, raising $11 million to support the company’s ongoing expansion. Veggie Grill recently partnered with private equity firm Brentwood Associates to raise funds from new and current shareholders, as well as to supply additional funds within 18 months on pre-negotiated terms, the Los Angeles Business Journal reported.

Veggie Grill CEO Greg Dollarhyde confirmed the company is on track to double within the next 15 months. The company currently operates seven locations in Southern California.

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