Patient advocacy crucial in 2012

Doctors and medical caregivers are often faced with explaining challenging diagnoses to patients, a problem that is exacerbated when patients do not speak the same language as doctors. With more than one in five U.S. citizens speaking a language other than English at home, addressing and meeting the needs to limited-English proficient patients is reaching a critical point, says Louis F. Provenzano Jr., President and CEO of Language Line Services.

A recent article by Western Pennsylvania Hospital News stated that the percentage of non-English speakers has more than doubled, expanding by 140 percent, since 1980. As a result, patients and their families continue to confront language barriers that threaten their health. The healthcare industry is currently undergoing parid change, with expanded communication for patients and families in their native languages. Thanks to companies like Language Line Services that provide instant over-the-phone interpretation services, healthcare providers are able to reach their goals more quickly.

Language Line Services to double workforce in Costa Rica

Language Line Services, the worldwide leader in translation and interpretation services, plans to more than double the size of its two language centers in Costa Rica, located in Cartago and Heredia. The company, which has operated in the country for over ten years, plans to hire 260 employees in the next six months, reports Inside Costa Rica.

“Interpreters make a difference and help people in a wide variety of situations and industries,” said Louis F. Provenzano Jr., president and CEO of Language Line Services. “Thanks to our rigorous training program, there also is no prior experience necessary. If you’re a multilingual native speaker or have near-native proficiency, we may have an opportunity for you.”

The new jobs are entry-level positions and will involve extensive cultural and industry-specific training.

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Language Line Services predicts mobile language shift

Louis F. Provenzano Jr., President and CEO of Language Line Services

Language access is becoming an increasingly important concern for sectors such as healthcare, government and legal services, and mobile language service will be the leading industry trend this year, reports HealthCare Distributor magazine.

“Language access in the United States has never been more important than it is today, as the country’s growing ethnic minorities are projected to become the majority by 2050,”  Louis F. Provenzano Jr., President and CEO of Language Line Services, says in the article.

For the first time ever, the over-the-phone interpretation industry will offer live access to interpreters on cell phones in more than 170 languages. Language Line Services also has developed online portals for the government and healthcare industries to provide streamlined, industry-specific language access in one central location, the article states.

Language Line Services plans to hire 2,000 interpreters

Language Line Services, the nation’s leading over-the-phone interpretation company, plans to hire 2,000 new interpreters this year, reports the San Francisco Business Times

The Monterey, Calif.-based company says about 10 percent of the new hires will be in the greater Bay Area. Among them, 1,300 will be Spanish-speaking interpreters, along with 700 others who are fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Cantonese. Most of the new workers will work from home.

“It’s a great career opportunity,” said Louis F. Provenzano Jr., president and CEO of Language Line Services.