FlexEnergy Inc shows digital magazine how it is creating clean, renewable energy

“Future360” host and producer Sarah Backhouse recently visited FlexEnergy Inc’s Portsmouth, N.H., manufacturing plant to understand how the company is creating clean, renewable energy while cleaning up harmful greenhouse gases.

FlexEnergy Inc is the technology developer of the world’s cleanest power platforms. Their core products, the Powerstation and Microturbine, create emissions-free energy from previously unusable waste gas such as methane, which is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. “Future360” is the first syndicated, high definition digital magazine show to feature cutting edge innovation in clean tech, green tech and high tech.

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FlexEnergy Inc featured in CNN segment on job creation

FlexEnergy Inc, a greentech company based out of Irvine, California, is facing an interesting dilemma. They have jobs to fill, but due to the unique skill sets these jobs require, finding qualified applicants has proven to be a challenge. CNN’s Mary Snow visited FlexEnergy’s Portsmouth, New Hampshire facility to speak with Brett Luedde, director of business development, and Mark Schnepel, director of manufacturing. The company is hoping to add approximately 20 employees in the coming months.

FlexEnergy Inc is the developer of the world’s cleanest power platforms, transforming one of the world’s largest sources of greenhouse gases (low quality methane) from a source of pollution into a clean energy source. Currently, FlexEnergy Inc has successfully installed a Powerstation in Riverside, California’s Lamb Canyon landfill. In February, the military base Fort Benning announced they will install two Powerstations to convert the base’s landfill gas into its own electricity.

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FlexEnergy executive makes OC METRO's '40 Under 40' list

Every year, OC Metro releases its ’40 Under 40′ list highlighting the most successful young movers and shakers in the area. This year, Mike Levin of Irvine-based FlexEnergy made the cut. As Director of Government Affairs, Levin is actively engaged in Sacramento and Washington politics, helping to frame the debate around clean energy and environmental policy. FlexEnergy is a greentech company that has developed a proprietary technology to convert methane gas into useable, clean energy. To learn more about Levin and the rest of the winners, click here.

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Methane gas conversion to be tested at Fort Benning landfill – United States Army

A rendering of FlexEnergy's Powerstation

Fort Benning, Ga., is the first military installation to acquire the FlexEnergy Powerstation. The power station will be tested at Fort Benning this summer to see if it can successfully generate cost-effective electricity.

The “Flex” was developed specifically to convert greenhouses gases to electricity. In cooperation with Fort Benning and the Department of Defense’s Environmental Security Program, this will be the first such power station on a military installation.

The Flex will be used to convert methane gas into heat and then into electricity.

According to the U.S. Global Change Research Program, methane gas remains in the atmosphere nine to 15 years and affects the Earth’s temperature and climate. For that reason, methane is considered a greenhouse gas – a gas more harmful to the ozone layer than carbon dioxide.

“As a matter of fact it’s 30 percent greater as an ozone-depletion source,” said Peter Lukken, strategic sustainability planner.

Lukken said the Flex is a breakthrough in technology because of its ability to harvest very weak gasses as low as 1.5 percent methane.

Methane gas is often found in places such as coal mines, waste water treatment plants, areas with agricultural activity and landfills – the location where the technology at Fort Benning will be housed.

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