Food Dive features Milk and Eggs as e-grocery startups rise

Food Dive recently highlighted the rise in popularity of e-grocery startups in today’s retail market, including Los Angeles-based Milk and Eggs. With fresh, local products popular with consumers, companies such as Milk and Eggs are partnering with local growers and manufacturers to offer farm-fresh milk, eggs and grocery products.

Los Angeles based Milk and Eggs sells fresh produce sourced directly from area farms along with an assortment of specialty goods that range in price from value to gourmet. Eggs, for instance, can be purchased for as little as $0.99 per dozen or as much as $6.99 for Vital Farms’ “pasture raised alfresco” eggs.

Read the full article: A Balancing Act: E-grocery startups challenge Amazon and Instacart for online supremacy (Food Dive)

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Bryce Maddock speaks with Bloomberg TV about TaskUs' growth and future

TaskUs CEO Bryce Maddock recently sat down with Bloomberg Philippines to give a tour of one of TaskUs’ facilities in the country and to speak about how the company is tackling BPO sore spots like employee attrition and automation.

“The BPO industry has done an incredible job at offering jobs to young Filipinos, and we feel that there’s a next generation of BPO that TaskUs is really taking the forefront of,” said Maddock.

See below for a tour of the TaskUs facility and the rest of the interview.

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