TaskUs expands San Antonio offices, plans to have 500 employees

TaskUs, a Santa Monica, California-based company that provides business outsourcing to tech companies, has announced it is leasing 32,000-square-feet (two floors) of the Finesilver Building in San Antonio with plans to hire 500 employees. It now has about 60 workers in the local market, and uses the San Antonio office as an onshore option for businesses seeking customer service center operations.

“TaskUs is also working with large companies that are now updating legacy support operations and need our next-generation service to stay in step with how to best support their millennial customers and workforce,” Maddock said in a statement. “Some of those companies require services in the U.S., and so we’re here.”

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TaskUs is leasing 32,000 square feet in the Finesilver Building is on Camaron Street in the Five Points Neighborhood just north of downtown.

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TaskUs’s Bryce Maddock talks about being on the run

The Los Angeles Business Journal sat down with Bryce Maddock, CEO and co-founder of TaskUs, and spoke about his interest in taking part in triathlons—particularly in Ironman triathlons. Maddock will take part in his ninth half Ironman in Australia on Sept. 4. Maddock harped on the thrill he gets from taking part in such a rigorous athletic event.

“The intensity of working at a rapidly growing business as a CEO can only be balanced by something of equal intensity,” Maddock said. “For some people that’s their golf game, for others maybe that’s a passion of food or wine or reading. For me it happens to be the triathlon.”

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Bryce Ironman

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Bryce Maddock speaks with Bloomberg TV about TaskUs' growth and future

TaskUs CEO Bryce Maddock recently sat down with Bloomberg Philippines to give a tour of one of TaskUs’ facilities in the country and to speak about how the company is tackling BPO sore spots like employee attrition and automation.

“The BPO industry has done an incredible job at offering jobs to young Filipinos, and we feel that there’s a next generation of BPO that TaskUs is really taking the forefront of,” said Maddock.

See below for a tour of the TaskUs facility and the rest of the interview.

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Bone Biologics readies for large animal studies

Bone Biologics is on the brink of completing an important milestone in its mission to develop the NELL-1 osteoinductive protein into a commercially viable product for spine surgery, as the firm plans to start large animal studies in the second half of 2016.

Stephen La Neve, CEO of Bone Biologics, said the company is focused on using NELL-1 in “hard to heal” patients undergoing posterolateral fusions and transforaminal lumbar interbody fusions. The hard-to-heal group includes smokers, diabetics, the obese and those with osteoporosis. The company is optimistic NELL-1 will speed-up healing and improve the strength of fusion in these patients.

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