Cloudbreak Health CEO Jamey Edwards Offers Telehealth Forecasts for 2018

Jamey Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Cloudbreak Health, predicts that 2018 will see significant adoption of telehealth programs.

“Telemedicine is moving through a tipping point from pilot projects to broader adoption,” said Edwards. “While a grant may have allowed a health system to dip their toe in the water, many are now looking to scale investments in telemedicine platforms to enhance patient care, drive more engagement and create a return on investment.”

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IdeaMensch sits down with Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards

IdeaMensch recently caught up with Jamey Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Cloudbreak Health, LLC, a leading telemedicine company currently performing over 75,000 encounters per month in over 700 hospitals nationwide. Cloudbreak’s mission is to humanize healthcare by leveraging technology to build trusted communication and relationships between patients and providers.

“Our company is growing rapidly so there is no typical day which creates the biggest challenge. We try not to take a factory approach to how we treat our clients and partners. Instead, we strive to understand their unique needs and demands,” said Edwards

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LA TechWatch chats with Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards

LA TechWatch recently sat down with Cloudbreak Health’s Jamey Edwards to discuss his company’s beginnings, his mission to humanize health care and the future of health care. The leading telemedicine platform provides assistance for non-english speakers, deaf patients, and patients with varying mental impairments for the best care possible. Born from two existing companies, Martii and Carenection, Cloudbreak Health is unifying telemedicine and healthcare solutions.

“The inspiration for the business is to humanize healthcare,” said Edwards.To simplify what is an overwhelmingly complex system by putting technologies and services into market that help build connections between patients and providers instead of getting in the way.”

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Digital Health Today spotlights Jamey Edwards and humanizing health care

Digital Health Today spoke with Jamey Edwards, the CEO and founder of Cloudbreak, a company delivering telemedicine solutions to hospitals across the U.S. Cloudbreak provides more than one million minutes of telemedicine consultation through over 75,000 encounters each month. Cloudbreak invests heavily in creating engaging experiences through their products, and it is clearly working. Their solutions are being used in over 700 hospitals. Digital Health Today chatted with Edwards about humanizing health care and Cloudbreak’s growth and plans for the future.

“Humanizing healthcare is critical to the future of our healthcare system. If we forget that people are at the center of the system, all the amazing tech and process in the world won’t fix it,” says Edwards.

Hear Jamey’s interview here: Jamey Edwards on Telemedicine and Five Keys for Humanizing Healthcare (Digital Health Today)

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