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Geneva Healthcare Suite 2.0 previewing at Heart Rhythm 2015

Geneva_logoThis week at the Heart Rhythm Society’s 36th Annual Scientific Sessions in Boston, Geneva Healthcare will showcase a set of new features on The Geneva Healthcare Suite – an innovative technology platform for managing data from cardiac devices for cardiology practices and hospitals.

New features in The Geneva Healthcare Suite 2.0 focus on streamlining practice workflow and patient engagement with automated reminders, notifications and follow up for remote monitoring that create an open channel of communication between doctor and patient. In addition, Geneva’s new patient engagement features can potentially help providers meet some core objectives of CMS’ Stage 3 Meaningful Use including coordination of care through patient engagement.

“We are extremely focused on patient engagement for these practices. We are creating an advanced mobility platform that will allow for offices to automate scheduling and follow up for remote monitoring. This includes the ability for the physician and staff to directly collaborate with the patient through various communication channels,” said Yuri Sudhakar, CEO of Geneva Healthcare.

Read the full announcement:

Geneva Healthcare Will Preview The Geneva Healthcare Suite 2.0 at Heart Rhythm 2015

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8 of top 10 non-fiction audiobooks on Audible.com from The Great Courses

great coursesThe Great Courses dominates the latest list of top non-fiction audiobooks on Audible.com with eight of the top 10, as reported by the Associated Press:

  1. The Wright Brothers by David McCullough, narrated by the author (Simon & Schuster Audio)
  2. Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques by The Great Courses, narrated by Professor Peter James Hynes (The Great Courses)
  3. Cultural Literacy for Religion: Everything the Well-Educated Person Should Know by The Great Courses, narrated by Professor Mark Berkson (The Great Courses)
  4. The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal by The Great Courses, narrated by Professor Seth Freeman (The Great Courses)
  5. The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit by The Great Courses, narrated by Professor Michael Goldsby (The Great Courses)
  6. The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery by Don Miguel Ruiz, narrated by Peter Coyote (Amber Allen Publishing Inc.)
  7. Einstein’s Relativity and the Quantum Revolution: Modern Physics for Non-Scientists, 2nd Edition by The Great Courses, narrated by Professor Richard Wolfson (The Great Courses)
  8. The Skeptic’s Guide to American History by The Great Courses, narrated by Professor Mark A. Stoller (The Great Courses)
  9. The Art of Conflict Management: Achieving Solutions for Life, Work, and Beyond by The Great Courses, narrated by Michael Dues (The Great Courses)
  10. Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behavior by The Great Courses, narrated by Professor Mark Leary (The Great Courses)

See the full list of fiction and non-fiction books:

The top 10 audiobooks on Audible.com

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Facebook's intentions with Instant Articles under fire

WSJ_logoFacebook’s true intentions with a pending initiative called Instant Articles are being questioned by publishers concerned that content will be posted directly rather than linking back to their sites, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The idea is to feature high-quality content that will stand out within the newsfeed and load quickly on phones, but what is Facebook really planning? News sites rely on Facebook as the leading driver of referral traffic to their articles. Arrangements between Google and news organizations evolved over time, so there is precedent for concern.

“We saw the terms ultimately change (with Google),” said Mike Dyer, chief strategy officer at the Daily Beast. “Who is to say that couldn’t happen again?”

The Wall Street Journal has not yet agreed to join the Facebook program.

Read the full article:

Publishers Warily Embed With Facebook

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New York Times highlights Ice Energy's storage contracts with SCE

New York Times logoAn article in today’s New York Times titled “Energy-Storage Plans Gain Ground in California” highlights thermal energy storage company Ice Energy’s 16 contracts with Southern California Edison totaling 25.6 megawatts — enough to power 11,000 homes — using the simplest of solutions, ice.

Water is frozen into ice to replace the cooling power of AC units during peaks times. The ice freezes at night when demand is low. During the day, the units use the ice, rather than the AC unit’s compressor, to cool the hot refrigerant, cutting cooling costs substantially.

“We’re very excited you’re seeing storage as a real part of a solution,” said Ice Energy CEO Michael Hopkins in the article. He added that business owners save by buying their electricity at off-peak prices, and SCE avoids the need for seven or eight kilowatts of electricity per unit during peak periods.

Read the full article:

Energy-Storage Plans Gain Ground in California