Murano survey highlights allocators’ biggest worry for 2019

As 2019 unfolds, investors at pension funds, endowments and other institutions will be anxiously monitoring numerous cracks in global markets. But it’s the uncertainty around U.S. economic and trade policies makes investors sweat most of all, according to survey results released Thursday morning.

Forty-four out of 100 allocators said their biggest fear for 2019 is the effect of geopolitical issues on financial markets, which experienced significant volatility last year. According to the poll by institutional services firm Murano Connect, big global investors are primarily focused on U.S. instability and Washington, D.C., dysfunction. More than one-quarter are jittery about policies in the U.S. Their most-cited challenge is the ongoing global trade battle between the U.S. and China.

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OT-Morpho’s Philip Andreae shares details on keeping the IoT revolution safe

Transaction Trends recently sat down with identity security experts to discuss what is being heralded as the most important technological innovation in history: the Internet of Things. Philip Andreae spoke to the publication about keeping the IoT safe and OT-Morpho’s industry offerings. OT-Morpho supports the idea of embedding cryptography into device hardware—a secure element that already is used in mobile phones and payment cards. The firm is currently providing embedded secure elements to several luxury connected-car manufacturers, including Maserati and BMW.

“When I boil it down, it’s this act of authentication, which we have to secure,” Andreae explains. “We have to do it in a convenient and secure way that cannot be spoofed, that cannot be replicated and used nefariously.”

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TaskUs and Cloudbreak sit down with Built in LA to share what they like most about Los Angeles

Local tech companies like TaskUs and Cloudbreak Health know that Southern California has a lot to offer. It’s not just beaches and great weather, but the chance to elevate your business and succeed in the region’s growing tech industry.

“The biggest advantages to our LA location come from being a part of the community West of the 405, in Silicon Beach,” said Bryce Maddock, CEO of TaskUs. “In Santa Monica, we are surrounded by a great pool of talent and technology, the community is incredibly energetic and diverse. And, of course, the weather is beautiful.”

“California and LA culture has definitely become a core part of Cloudbreak’s company culture,” said Jamey Edwards, CEO of Cloudbreak Health. “The company is named after a surf break, after all. The key aspects of LA — its creativity, free thinking and progressive culture — have helped to create a fun company driven by a mission.”

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TaskUs team.


Cloudbreak team.

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