Geneva Health Solutions (GHS), the leading cloud-based technology platform and service for managing data from implantable cardiac devices, announces triple-digit revenue growth in 2018, an indicator of the explosive growth of implantable cardiac device data expected in 2019. This year, GHS has also tripled its client base and workforce, quadrupled the number of devices being monitored through its service and increased its revenue more than ten-fold.

“Data deluge from implanted cardiac devices has hit critical mass for cardiac practices, physicians and staff, and our ability to become an extension of their team and implement an effective remote monitoring program is truly improving patient care,” said Yuri Sudhakar, CEO of Geneva Health Solutions. “Armed with actionable information every day, cardiologists can pro-actively reach out to patients with device issues and arrhythmias like atrial fibrillation and heart failure diagnostics well in advance of a significant health problem.”

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