Olmstead Williams Communications posts banner year

Olmstead Williams Communications closes 2018 with 35 percent growth in revenue.

“Our growth correlates directly to our clients’ success, and we’re proud to play a role in driving clients’ revenue, building their brand and engaging employees,” said Tracy Williams, CEO and founder of Olmstead Williams Communications. “As we look to 2019, we see tremendous opportunities in our key market sectors of technology, healthcare and financial services despite a challenging geopolitical climate.”

Top client highlights include:

  • TaskUs, the world’s leading customer experience and business process outsourcing firm for rapidly growing companies, earned six industry awards for excellence in company culture and employee happiness. Most notable is the company’s debut on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list. The company also attracted a $250 million investment from Blackstone, announced a global expansion into two new countries and the creation of 2,000 new jobs.
  • CrowdOut Capital, a pioneering non-bank private lender for middle market companies, saw dramatic growth in its assets under management (AUM), increasing 8x in 2018 to reach $165 million.
  • CURE Pharmaceutical, an innovative drug delivery and development company, became the first and only pharma drug delivery company to have a DEA license for schedule 1 manufacturing to further the research and development of cannabinoid-based pharma products. The company achieved tremendous revenue growth and is preparing for an IPO in early 2019.
  • Geneva Health Solutions, created better outcomes for patients with implanted cardiac devices by providing doctors with timely and critical information from implant data. The company tripled its client base and workforce and quadrupled the number of devices being monitored through its service and grew its revenue tenfold.
  • Cloudbreak Health, a leader in telemedicine solutions, earned top recognitions including Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2018 E360, Becker’s Top Telehealth Companies to Know, Medical Marketing & Media’s Top 40 Healthcare Transformers of 2018, the 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Videoconferencing Solution and one of Insights Success Magazine’s Most Recommended Language Service Providers of 2018.
  • CompoSecure, L.L.C. became the leader in the manufacture and design of bespoke payment cards shipping more than one million of its dual interface premium financial cards for the contactless market.
  • Saban Community Clinic, a federally-qualified health center that supports more than 114,000 visits from low-income and uninsured patients, saw record patient enrollments this year resulting from events including a one-day Back-to-School vaccine clinic where enrollment spiked 40 percent.

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OWC's Tracy Williams on Social Media: Easy as One, Two, Click

By Tracy Olmstead Williams
As written for The Recorder
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Tracy Olmstead Williams is president and CEO of Olmstead Williams Communications

When Los Angeles-based attorney Steve Weinberg got two referrals through LinkedIn, he was intrigued. Like many attorneys and other professional services providers, he’d had a LinkedIn page for years. But when one of the referrals turned into a piece of business, Weinberg was sold.

The fact is that businesses largely dependent on lead generation are thriving online. Legal and accounting services are poised to be the next big marketplaces and will likely surpass insurance and other financial services on the web. The key? Social media, and the numbers are staggering. LinkedIn alone has more than 75 million profiles. Sixty percent of all Americans use social media at least once a week and 80 percent at least once a month. We’re tweeting more than a billion times a month, and the number of page views for social media sites grab a larger percentage of time spent online, with estimates at 10 to 25 percent of Internet usage and doubling each year.

Law firms and attorneys — notably among the most risk-averse professionals — are beginning to recognize the need for social media strategies, especially as a way to recruit top law school graduates, communicate with existing clients and reinforce their firm’s expertise. Yes, the social media horror stories still deter many. It’s difficult not to key in on young associates who post job descriptions of “slave,” “whipping boy” or “corporate gangster” on their Facebook pages, or publish photo albums of beer pong exploits read by another attorney or the firm’s largest client.


Happy Holidays from the Team at OWC!

The OWC Team (L-R): Trent Freeman; Derek Houck; Tracy Williams; Carla Collado; and Ashton Whitney

We like to try something a little adventurous each holiday season. Last year it was bowling, this year it’s “The OWC Ice Capades.”

Your company and ours worked hard this year, and the reward is that the economy is up, business has a new future and we think 2011 is going to be absolutely great. Thanks for your support.

Here’s to a Happy New Year and to life on the edge!

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