CompoSecure produces more than one million dual interface metal cards

Over the last 18 months, CompoSecure has shipped more than one million dual-interface (contact and contactless) EMV-compliant credit and debit cards. The company holds a patent (and is waiting approval of another) on technology that enables the RFID antenna to be shielded from interference from the metal in the card. CompoSecure expects to ship its next one million dual-interface metal cards within six months.

CompoSecure’s largest markets for dual-interface cards are Europe, the U.S., and Canada. Cards are manufactured in the company’s two plants in Somerset, New Jersey.

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HOY highlights BankWork$’ influence in Los Angeles’ Latino community

A few weeks ago, Judy Olivares, a resident of South Los Angeles, worked at Home Depot with dreams of becoming a general manager of a bank. After searching online, she found BankWork$, a free training programs that sets low-income young adults into careers in the banking industry. Two months after she enrolled, she just graduated and has three job offers from local banks.

“I’d start off as a teller, now I know that I can work my way up to a general manager position, something that’s my passion and that I’ve always dreamed about,” said Olivares. “It’s nice to have job options already as opposed to searching for them.”

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KTLA spotlights Oberthur Technologies’ card portfolio

KTLA’s Rich DeMuro visited one of Oberthur Technologies’ card manufacturing sites in Compton, Calif. Credit Cards are using more technology to combat fraud including numbers that change. See the video below to learn more about the fraud-fighting credit cards.

BankWork$ solidifies presence in Phoenix through job training

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BankWork$, an eight-week job training program geared to train low-income individuals to excel at high-paying banking jobs, has recently established a footing in Phoenix. Bankwork$ and the Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE) organizations have joined with banking partners to develop a career-track pipeline for women and men in the banking industry. The Phoenix market is one of the newer programs, nationally BankWork$ has been successfully placing graduates in banking careers for 10 years.

“There have been 42 students in the Arizona program so far,” said Ranko Fukuda, national partner liaison for Bankwork$. “Our partner banks have the first opportunity to hire graduates. We have helped place many of the graduates with other banks and other businesses seeking similarly-skilled workers.”

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