The New York Times talks to IDEMIA about biometric technology in sports venues

In the case of an arena, a sports fan might sign up for a loyalty program with a team and attach their image and a credit card to the account. They could then park without paying an attendant, walk in without having a ticket scanned and pay for merchandise and concessions without ever taking out their wallet.

“The days of having 40,000 to 60,000 people in the stadium and not knowing who they are, I think those days are going to disappear,” said Charles Carroll, a senior vice president at IDEMIA, which manages the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck program. IDEMIA has partnered with three sports venues on security, including Barclays Center in Brooklyn, to offer expedited lines to enter.

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IdentoGO by IDEMIA Makes Your Game Day Experience Safer and More Efficient

With advancements in technology and security, companies like IDEMIA are developing and implementing faster and safer systems to get patrons inside venues and to their seats more efficiently. IdentoGO by IDEMIA is making your game day experience safer and more efficient.

“We’ve put together a program that would utilize biometric technology, the same technology we’ve used with TSA Pre✓ and the U.S. Department of State,” said Charles R. Carroll, senior vice president of identity services at IDEMIA. “We create an expedited line people can go through relatively quickly. It’s all the same screening as everyone else, but a designated line with less people in it.”

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IDEMIA and Royal Caribbean team up for biometric technology trials

A recent trial of the biometric authentication technology that involved multiple cruise ships and nearly 3,000 passengers showed that, according to IDEMIA, facial recognition on cruise ships could one day improve the experience of travelers by reducing the time it takes for those passengers to board and re-enter ships.  IDEMIA provided its “facial capture and recognition solution to confirm the facial identities of individuals disembarking Royal Caribbean ships with the facial identities of ticketed passengers who boarded the ship at the start of a cruise.”

“Royal Caribbean’s commitment to providing our guests a pleasurable experience includes making the final step of clearing customs fast, secure and frictionless,” said Thomas Hinderhofer, a Royal Caribbean official who works as director of Cape Liberty Port Operations. “The trial exceeded our expectations in terms of being able to quickly process passengers re-entering the country while at the same time addressing key border management requirements.”

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