5 things to do now to improve the bottom line

OWC’s president and CEO, Tracy Williams, writes about “Marketing in the New Energy Ecosystem” in the July-August issue of the North American Clean Energy magazine.

“It’s now less about influencing public opinion or changing consumer behavior and more about strategic relationship building to make connections that move the needle for technology,” Williams writes. “What’s required is a focused strategy to establish credibility and gain the trust of potential investors, partners, affiliates, and installers throughout target markets.”

Williams offers five things energy companies can do now to improve their bottom lines: engage the community, apply for awards and lists, focus on messaging, become an industry expert, and network at trade shows and beyond.

Read the full article: Marketing in the New Energy Ecosystem: 5 things to do now to improve the bottom line. (North American Clean Energy)


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California ranked most attractive for renewable energy

California ranked No. 1 in terms of its attractiveness to renewable energy investments for 2011, as reported in a recent article by socalTECH about a new study from accounting firm Ernst & Young.

The report ranked U.S. states based on wind, geothermal solar energy investments and pointed to California’s favorable regulatory environment and offtake prices as reasons for the state’s investment attractiveness. New Mexico came in second place, followed by Colorado in third, Hawaii in fourth, and Massachusetts and Texas tied for fifth place.

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California champions cleantech venture capital funding

California was responsible for raising 57 percent of all cleantech venture capital funding nationwide last year, totaling $2.8 billion, according to a recently released analysis from Ernst & Young, as reported in the Los Angeles Times.

“It’s a good indicator of the innovation that can be found here and of the opportunities available in California,” Mark Sogomian, an Ernst & Young partner and leader of the Los Angeles cleantech group, says in the article. The state has that “secret sauce that allows companies to grow and develop and gain capital.”

Venture capital investment in cleantech slowed in 2011

Venture capital investment in cleantech companies reached $4.9 billion in the United States last year, according to an analysis by Ernst & Young. That’s a drop from 2010 of 4.5 percent and zero growth in the number of overall deals.

Of the 2011 investments, energy generation led with $1.5 billion, and products and services for the renewable energy industry came in second with $1 billion invested. The report also showed that California companies garnered the most cleantech investments, accounting for $2.8 billion of the total raised; Massachusetts was second with $465 million, followed by Colorado with $363.3 million.

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