DreamHammer profiled in Drone Definition


Drone Definition writes about DreamHammer and their dream of bringing Ballista to the commercial sector.

“DreamHammer sees a future fast approaching in which drones are an everyday part of business. If the company has its way, entire fleets of drones and robots – whether an air vehicle, a space vehicle or a ground or surface vehicle – will use one inter-operable operating system.”

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Hot Drone Startups: DreamHammer

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DreamHammer speaks at California UAS Summit

DreamHammerDreamHammer along with 300 other drone experts gathered Tuesday in San Diego at the California UAS Summit  to share their ideas and concerns about how to make the skies friendlier for the general public.

CEO Nelson Paez discussed the importance of other industries getting  into the drone software market. There’s a need for dozens of apps that assist firefighters, survey land and serve law enforcement needs, he said.

DreamHammer, headquartered in Santa Monica, California,  is a commercial software company with clients in the military and industrial markets.

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Drone-makers ponder the path to friendlier skies in California

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DreamHammer paves way for software on all Predator aircraft sold

DreamHammer, a Silicon Beach software company that provides software for Drone manufacturers, developers and integrators, announced it has successfully demonstrated its software with the General Atomics aircraft systems, paving the way for General Atomics to provide its software commercially worldwide with every Predator aircraft sold.

“Countries throughout the world want to purchase the ‘gold standard’ in UAV, and that’s Predator,” said Nelson Paez, CEO of DreamHammer. “General Atomics packaging DreamHammer software with their drones would be a tremendous vote of confidence for our technology and the future of drones.”

Predator XP is equipped with a SAR/GMTI radar and EO/IR sensors to offer wide-area surveillance. The design gives it a MTCR Category 2 classification that means it can be sold directly to foreign customers and outside of the federal government’s foreign military sale process. The Predator XP is an extremely capable drone for providing wide area surveillance not just military uses but also for civilian uses such as agriculture monitoring, law enforcement and infrastructure protection.

DreamHammer software gives customers the ability to integrate their Predator drones with existing civilian air control and military manned/unmanned aircraft systems.

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DreamHammer talks drone regulation in CIO Journal

Rachael King writes in The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal about a Senate hearing on drone safety and privacy. In the article, DreamHammer CEO Nelson Paez tells Rachael about the difficulties recruiting investors in the current regulatory environment:

“The investment community won’t put money into a Wild West of regulation,” Paez said.

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Drone Safety, Privacy Debated at Senate Hearing

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