Didi Hirsch’s medical director talks about holiday stressors and ways to cope

One in four people say they have taken on more than they can handle during the holidays, according to a recent survey by VitalSmarts. Most respondents (56%) said they are overwhelmed with “just keeping up” with all of the activities and expectations of the season, followed by financial concerns (50%), shopping for gifts (46%), family events (33%) and their own health (26%). And almost three in four (72%) told mental health platform Simple Habit that they feel stress during the holidays, with family and money giving them the most grief.

Dr. Donovan Wong, medical director of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services told Moneyish that people put too much pressure on themselves to make everyone happy.

“Take care of yourself first … so you can even be capable of helping other people out,” he said. “And a lot of times that means setting a limit, and that’s fine.”

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Fun ideas to keep kids happy during travel

Robin Sax at KTTV FOX 11’s “My Fox Parents” blog talks with one of the site’s expert, Sam Lurey, CEO of Irvine-based Go Trexx, who has a lifelong love of travel – and entertaining kids — that has become her passion and job.

For years, she prepared kid-friendly binders of fun facts and activities unique to the destinations for her niece, nephew and other young family members as they accompanied her to 22 countries and more than half of the U.S. People always marveled at how well the kids behaved — and more importantly, they appeared to be learning.

Now at Go Trexx, Lurey has taken those binders to the next level by getting kids engaged and learning through “virtual vacation” travel apps designed just for them.

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Go Trexx CEO comments on broader FTC rules to protect kids' privacy online

gotrexxUnder new rules, mobile apps and websites must get parents’ consent before collecting personal information from children younger than 13, reports The Los Angeles Times. The new rules — the first major update to federal laws on children’s online privacy in 14 years — require a parent’s consent to collect those kinds of personal details that can be used to identify, locate or contact a child and pass that information on to third parties.

Samantha Lurey, CEO of Go Trexx in Mission Viejo, which makes travel apps for kids, applauded the effort to increase privacy protections for children.

“This is something our firm has wanted to see for a while now. We feel that federal regulators are going in the right direction,” Lurey said. “Because our apps are designed for kids, we felt it was really important that we were not capturing any sensitive information. I think other developers will find that it’s relatively easy to construct apps that are engaging, entertaining and useful without capturing sensitive information.”

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