Language Line Services steps up to meet need as interpretation demand soars

The foreign-born population in the United States has quadrupled over the past four decades, and more than 175 languages and dialects are spoken across the country today. As a result, demand for foreign-language interpreters is increasing, and Monterey, Calif.-based Language Line Services is stepping up to help meet that need, according to a recent Bloomberg article by Antone Gonsalves.

Language Line Services currently employs 5,000 interpreters, and the company handles roughly 40 million calls a year. Collectively, the employees speak more than 170 languages, close to half of the languages spoken at the U.N. Language Line Services is the largest in the field, and now has its eye on a new market: providing interpretation services onsite at client locations.

'Karen' fastest growing language in Jacksonville, according to Language Line Services

Karen, the language spoken by 1.3 million people in Myanmar (formerly Burma) is the fastest-growing language in Jacksonville, Fla., according to the Jacksonville Business Journal.

The articles cites data from Language Line Services’ LanguageTrak Interpreter Demand Index (see infographic), which tracked language trends in the country between the second quarter of 2010 and 2011. The Interpreter Demand Index includes phone calls in the healthcare and government sectors in more than 170 languages.

Requests for Karen increased 122.58 percent in Jacksonville (see slideshow).

“This real-time information addresses the ever-changing language needs of cities years before similar data is unveiled from the next U.S. Census,” said Louis F. Provenzano Jr., president and CEO of Language Line Services, which fields millions of interpreter-request calls each year. “This allows local governments, court systems, health care agencies and emergency services to better anticipate critical needs in their communities and ensure access to essential services.”

'Language is a social activity,' CEO of Language Line Services tells Chief Executive magazine

Chief Executive magazine reporter Dale Buss spoke with numerous CEOs recently about whether they should engage in social media. Louis F. Provenzano, Jr., president and CEO of Language Line Services, thinks they should.

“Language is a social activity, so to us it’s very obvious that we need to be active in the growth of social media,” Provenzano said in the interview with Chief Executive.

Language Line Services, which is based in Monterey, Calif., is the global leader in telephone interpreting and language solutions. They service government, healthcare, telecommunications, financial services, utilities, insurance and many other industries.

Language Line Services launches R&D think tank

Language Line Services, the global market leader in interpretation and translation services, launched the Language Line Innovation Center this week, the industry’s first R&D think tank.

The think tank aims to spur open innovation among employees, while engaging business partners and customers for new ideas to improve language access across all technology platforms to all markets.

“Our interpreters and translators are passionate about language access, so we’re building an internal structure to tap into the already existing idea-fest that goes on here every day to make language as ubiquitous as cell phones,” said Louis F. Provenzano, Jr., president and CEO of Language Line Services. “We must be platform-agnostic and bring all technological advances to our customers from hospitals and the nation’s 911 emergency response system to businesses and state and federal courts.”

The Center will host quarterly, open innovation meetings with representatives from each business unit, including sales leaders from healthcare, government and financial services. Its research will focus on providing immediate access to interpreters in critical situations through mobile and Internet-ready devices.