Linius Technologies’ Chris Richardson on the next revolution in global eLearning

In today’s always-on world, the value of knowledge has increased and the way we get it has changed, says Linius Technologies CEO Chris Richardson.

eLearning — the direct access of information by technology — is one of the most vibrant and promising new businesses on the global market, one poised to reach approximately $331 billion by 2025. A new era is dawning for eLearning with the power of video virtualization and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, enabling it to be the most compelling new way to improve our minds, lives and society.

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Two global tech leaders expand OWC’s client portfolio

OWC has added two technology clients to its growing roster. Cubic Motion is the global leader in real-time computer vision and facial animation technology, and Linius Technologies Limited (ASX: LNU) provides content intelligence and the next evolution of video streaming technology.

“Innovation means different things to different industries. To us, it means that a business is doing things smarter and differentiating itself in the market,” said Tracy Williams, OWC founder and CEO. “Cubic Motion and Linius are two organizations that are disrupting industries with breakthrough technology that is ahead of its time.”

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Blockchain is key to Linius Technologies’ effort to combat video piracy

Piracy is one of the main headaches that digital distribution brings to media and entertainment. Linius hopes to become the remedy to that. Linius uses blockchain and it calls its “video virtualization technology” to solve piracy woes, build in payment gateways, and rectify ways to better automate and systematize royalties and more.

“Basically what Linius does is we virtualize video,” said CEO Chris Richardson. “What video virtualization does is it separates the actual data of the video, the ones and zeros that make up the codec where you put a red dot here, green dot here, play some sound, whatever it may be, from the piece of the video that represents the play out, the actual video itself. Once you separate those things, the video part that you play out becomes a very tiny file, about the size of a text file, a large text message for example.”

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TechRepublic features Linius Technologies among six groundbreaking video technologies

Video, whether it is used for conferencing or content creation, is seeing increased enterprise adoption, and for good reason. Videos, especially longer ones, can be packaged in tricky formats that can be difficult to share and use. Linius’ Video Virtualization Engine changes those packages into more agile files that can be then used for custom content.

Linius can also reduce, if not eliminate, loss due to piracy, according to CEO Chris Richardson. If someone tries to access the content without proper credentials, they’ll see a prompt asking them to pay for the content—potentially leading to more revenue.

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