L.A. Parent chats with Marlborough’s Priscilla Sands on writing the perfect college essay

A college admission essay can make or break a student’s college application. L.A. Parent gathered a group of experts to discuss what makes the best essay and what every student should know about the process. Among the experts is Priscilla Sands, head of Marlborough School for Girls in L.A.’s Hancock Park.

She says that starting the essay process during junior year helps minimize the stress in the fall. “It also affords students the time to use the summer to reflect on the direction of their essays.”

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Marlborough School’s Dr. Priscilla Sands advises parents on how to deal with rejection

Admission to top colleges is getting tougher every year. Many schools, including Yale University, Brown University, Duke University and Cornell, reported record high early application numbers for the class of 2021, according to IvyWise, an educational consulting company. Most students have until May 1 to decide where to go. Marlborough School’s Dr. Priscilla Sands spoke to the Wall Street Journal about what she tells students and parents when things don’t necessarily go as planned. Dr. Sands draws from her own personal experience, from working as a waitress from graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a doctorate in Educational Leadership, to illustrate the importance of resilience.

“I talk with parents and the girls about how my life took all sorts of twists and turns, how I was disappointed and didn’t go to the college I wanted or get the job I wanted,” she says. Each disappointment, she tells them, put her on a new path forward.

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