The Great Courses and the Mayo Clinic join forces in the health and wellness arena

The Great Courses, the world’s leading online tool for lifelong learning, has started a collaborative project with the Mayo Clinic to produce educational videos focusing on health and wellness. Nine videos are expected to be produced from this joint venture.

“By sharing our knowledge through video, we can broadly deliver Mayo Clinic’s health-care expertise to help people stay well or to find answers when they are ill,” said Paul Limburg, M.D., M.P.H., medical director for Global Business Solutions at Mayo Clinic. “Through these courses, people can access our physicians’ insights into current medical research and practice.”

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Cynvenio’s LiquidBiopsy platform sold to USC and the Mayo Clinic

Cynvenio_LogoCynvenio Biosystems’ innovative LiquidBiopsy® technology is being used at USC and the Mayo Clinic to find mutating tumor cells in the blood and help doctors diagnose and treat cancer without the need for a surgical biopsy. The company began shipping the system earlier this year and ultimately wants to put one in every cancer clinic.

“This is the first complete system, from blood draw to DNA sequencing,” said Chief Executive André de Fusco. “If we find a number of cancer cells that are not heavily mutated, fine. But if they are mutated, those cells can be targeted by drugs from the big pharma companies.”

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Cutting Edge Without The Knife

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