San Marino's Pegine Grayson brings fundraising expertise to Whittier Trust Company

Pegine Grayson is a vice president in Whittier Trust Company's Philanthropic Services division.

Pegine Grayson, a well-known San Marino, Calif., resident, was recently profiled in the San Marino Tribune for both her ongoing philanthropy efforts and for joining Whittier Trust Company. Now that her two children are older, Pegine is bringing her fundraising and philanthropic expertise to Whittier Trust, a wealth management firm based in Pasadena that serves more than 270 families and 30 foundations.

As a vice president in the firm’s Philanthropic Services division, one of Pegine’s goals is to help clients instill in their children a healthy respect for money through foundation and charitable endeavor advisement.

“Family foundations bring families closer together to experience the joy of giving and learn about financial management,” Pegine told the San Marino Tribune.

Prior to joining Whittier Trust, Pegine served as a public interest lawyer and nonprofit executive.