The New York Times talks to IDEMIA about biometric technology in sports venues

In the case of an arena, a sports fan might sign up for a loyalty program with a team and attach their image and a credit card to the account. They could then park without paying an attendant, walk in without having a ticket scanned and pay for merchandise and concessions without ever taking out their wallet.

“The days of having 40,000 to 60,000 people in the stadium and not knowing who they are, I think those days are going to disappear,” said Charles Carroll, a senior vice president at IDEMIA, which manages the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck program. IDEMIA has partnered with three sports venues on security, including Barclays Center in Brooklyn, to offer expedited lines to enter.

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FanWide Wins $10,000 Sports Startup Competition At USC

FanWide, a startup which helps users find “viewing parties” for their favorite college or pro sports teams, anywhere they live or travel, has won a the $10,000 prize in the HYPE Sports Innovation competition, held last week at the University of Southern California. According to HYPE, the competition, held in conjunction with USC’s Marshall School of Business and Silicon Valley Bank, was aimed at finding the most disruptive technology likely to shape the future of basketball.

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TaskUs’s Bryce Maddock talks about being on the run

The Los Angeles Business Journal sat down with Bryce Maddock, CEO and co-founder of TaskUs, and spoke about his interest in taking part in triathlons—particularly in Ironman triathlons. Maddock will take part in his ninth half Ironman in Australia on Sept. 4. Maddock harped on the thrill he gets from taking part in such a rigorous athletic event.

“The intensity of working at a rapidly growing business as a CEO can only be balanced by something of equal intensity,” Maddock said. “For some people that’s their golf game, for others maybe that’s a passion of food or wine or reading. For me it happens to be the triathlon.”

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Bryce Ironman

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Youth sports social media platform thriving

Weplay CEO Lane Soelberg was brought in by 18 months ago to jumpstart the company’s advertising initiative, and the company is now thriving, reports the Los Angeles Business Journal.

“Most of our relationships are strategic parterships,” Soelberg says in the article. “We spend the majority of our time looking for things that are a win for all parties. A lot of times that requires some creative thinking about how we make the best fit happen.”

Big-name advertisers now include Microsoft, Gatorade, American Family Insurance, Cartoon Network and most recently Benadryl.

Weplay is a social platform for families involved in youth sports. It functions as a way to share videos, photos, and memories as well as organize and share all information about a team’s games.

In a recent interview with socalTECH’s Ben Kuo, Soelberg addressed how Weplay is different from other team sports sites.

“I think we’re more about the fun than about the function,” Soelberg told socalTECH. “We’re there to help capture those magic moments, and let you share them in fun and interesting ways, and let the kids participate.”

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