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CVR_55x85-converted-cmyk.qxpFormer Warner Bros. Executive Janet Pucino talks about success in the workplace in an excerpt from her new book “Not In The Club: An Executive Womans Journey Through the Biased World of Business” posted on socaltech.com.

Pucino mentions the importance of every day performance, regardless of the political climate or relationships with bosses and co-workers. According to Pucino, it is crucial to always perform in the best interest of the company, because the work a person does everyday can and will have positive long-term effects and prove to be enriching to the individual.

Pucino also brings up the challenges one might face in management positions. She states: “You have to enable yourself to do your best work within the constraints, and speak to those constraints clearly and unapologetically.” She furthermore argues that diligence and quality are vital ingredients for any task, especially when decisions or changes aren’t popular.

Finally, Pucino stresses the importance of knowing where a given company is headed, in order to work efficiently for yourself and for the company toward the main goal.  She notes: “Your efforts can be directed toward the work that ultimately achieves the company’s goals so you don’t overwork and spend time in areas that won’t propel your career.”

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Literary Inklings reviews 'Not in the Club'

CVR_55x85-converted-cmyk.qxpFormer Warner Brothers executive Janet Pucino’s book Not in the Club, An Executive Woman’s Journey Through the Biased World of Business was recently praised by the blog Literary Inklings for illustrating the current status quo of gender inequality throughout the business world and the difficulty of accessing executive organizations, a.k.a. “The Club”.

Pucino’s book was complimented for its research and the review also noted that the author successfully uncovered the mood in today’s corporate world. Not in the Club was furthermore described as being an informational book whose author “writes with commendable professionalism”. The review thus felicitates Pucino’s business savvy and her use of language, “making the book a useful and effective component within its milieu”.

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