Marlborough School’s Dr. Priscilla Sands advises parents on how to deal with rejection

Admission to top colleges is getting tougher every year. Many schools, including Yale University, Brown University, Duke University and Cornell, reported record high early application numbers for the class of 2021, according to IvyWise, an educational consulting company. Most students have until May 1 to decide where to go. Marlborough School’s Dr. Priscilla Sands spoke to the Wall Street Journal about what she tells students and parents when things don’t necessarily go as planned. Dr. Sands draws from her own personal experience, from working as a waitress from graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a doctorate in Educational Leadership, to illustrate the importance of resilience.

“I talk with parents and the girls about how my life took all sorts of twists and turns, how I was disappointed and didn’t go to the college I wanted or get the job I wanted,” she says. Each disappointment, she tells them, put her on a new path forward.

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Deborah Shames on what holds women back from becoming strong public speakers

Deborah Shames, co-founder of Eloqui, a communication and presentation company based in Calabasas, and author of the new book Out Front: How Women Can Become Engaging, Memorable, and Fearless Speakers, stresses that strong public speaking skills are necessary for career advancement. She states that while women have advanced in many arenas, women will never achieve their full potential if they avoid public speaking.

“It’s time for women to create their own destinies. Better communication and public speaking gives women the ability to seize every opportunity and aspire to new heights,” said Shames. Whether pitching for new business, delivering a talk at a conference, raising money for a favorite non-profit, or communicating one-on-one, women can become a powerful force when they speak with authenticity and confidence.”

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Huffington Post spotlights Dr. Priscilla Sands


Starting out as a theater major and working her way through graduate schools and other important roles in the education field, Priscilla Sands became the head of Marlborough School, a top girls’ school in Los Angeles known for its academic success and diverse student body. The Huffington Post’s Laura Dunn recently interviewed Dr. Sands and talked about her career history, her future, and the advice she gives to women in the field.

Sands says: “My advice for women who are interested in a leadership position in a school is to see the role not just as an educator, but also as a mayor. In the small towns of schools, the mayor not only oversees the course of study for students, guides the professional development of employees, and serves as a representative for the town, but she also must deal with zoning, trash pickup, security, and safety.”

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