Tracy Williams
CEO and Founder

Be flexible, think fast

Tracy Williams founded Olmstead Williams Communications in 2008 to provide focused public relations counsel to high-growth tech and healthcare companies, and the professional service firms that work with them. Her strategic insights have been responsible for new revenue, investors and partners for hundreds of organizations. She is sought after when crisis hits or a lawsuit threatens brands and reputations. Tracy trains CEOs, politicians, scientists, lawyers and professors to become savvy, in-demand media sources. She began her career at Hill & Knowlton in Washington, D.C. and worked with U.S. and European giants in aerospace and defense. After moving to LA, she built a public relations practice for tech firms such as Hewlett-Packard, Acer Inc. and Computer Sciences Corporation.

She serves on the executive committees of the California Council on Economic Education and Town Hall Los Angeles. She was a member of the Workforce Investment Board of Los Angeles; the Board of Directors of the Downtown Women’s Center; the board of governors of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation and the Board of Trustees of St. Matthew’s Parish School.

Tracy earned a bachelor’s degree from The Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University. She was a scholarship debater and brings her inquisitiveness and quick thinking to her clients’ issues and strategic goals.