The year-end means it’s time to move into high gear and drive revenue with public relations.  Your analysis of trends and issues facing your industry is news right now because print, online, broadcast and social media are looking for that “Year in Review” piece.

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Issue ‘report card’ now

The end of the year is a great time for a company to produce a “Report Card” on the industry or its own metrics.  For example: “The company has grown 35 percent, opened three new offices and made deals totaling $15 million.”  Bring specific data points, analysis and ideas to reporters to provide context and content for their end of the year or “looks ahead.”  You don’t want to be the company that’s left out of a major year-end news story about your industry.

Third-party validation = credibility

A strategic communications effort must yield third-party validation and bring persuasive credibility to businesses and their products and services.  Earned media cannot be purchased and will always carry the most credibility — estimated at 10 to 1 vs. advertising.  Successful media coverage raises a company’s profile with the right audiences and brings long-term and often instant results.  Share coverage on social media for maximum impact. Be aggressive.

January is too late

Jump in and offer your insights on trends, issues and predictions for 2017 now.  In January, the media will be on to another story and this opportunity will be gone.